Who Is Marvel’s Kingpin?


Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, has officially landed in the MCU, making his debut in Hawkeye episode 5 and becoming the villain of episode 6!

But, just who is the Kingpin? What is his connection to Maya? And why is he so formidable?

Who Is Wilson Fisk?

Wilson Fisk is the crime overlord of New York and is one of the most feared and dangerous overlords of the Marvel Universe. Convinced that power comes from physical strength, he has obsessed over bodybuilding, sumo wrestling, and various types of combat, making him difficult to fight, even for the most trained heroes.

Why Is He Called Kingpin?

The name Kingpin started when Fisk worked his way up through a New York mob, before turning on the boss and killing him, taking over the entire mob and its business interests. From there, he ended up taking over other mobs, until he became the most powerful crimelord in the city.

Secret Empire issue 9 variant cover by Dan Mora and Edgar Delgado

How Does Wilson Fisk Know Maya Lopez?

Fisk knew Maya’s father and took her in as his own daughter after he ordered her father murdered. He gave her the best education and treated her as if she was his own flesh and blood. For more information on their relationship, check out my Maya character profile.

Who Usually Fights Fisk?

Fisk is mainly a villain for Spider-Man and Daredevil but has also popped up as an enemy of Hawkeye, Punisher and Echo.

Why Is Fisk So Powerful?

Fisk is powerful for multiple reasons. The first is because of how many people he controls through various crime syndicates and the money he has earned through various business interests. Second, because of his physical strength. Fisk can lift 650 pounds, and can crush people’s skulls with barely any effort. He’s also a gifted martial artist, meaning he has fought both Spider-Man and Captain America and has held his own very well.

On top of his strength, Fisk is also considered a self-taught genius and is known for his incredible strength of will, which is so strong he can resist Killgrave’s psychic attacks. The only way to manipulate him, or even weaken him, is to get to his wife Vanessa, who he loves so deeply, he (briefly) gave up his criminal empire.

Where Can I Read About Kingpin?

Daredevil: Back In Black (2016) by Charles Soule, Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business (2018) by Mark Waid and James Robinson, Shadowland (2010) by Andy Diggle.


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