Maya Lopez (Echo) Character Profile

Name: Maya Lopez

Superhero Name: Echo/Ronin

Created By: David Mack and Joe Quesada

Echo panel taken from Captain Marvel volume 10 by Carmen Carnero

Played By: Alaqua Cox

Powers: photographic reflexes (essentially Maya can copy any movement she sees. If it helps, think of her like Taskmaster), acrobat, martial artist, expert marksman, multilingual.

Mini Bio: Maya is a Deaf, Native American of the Cheyenne Nation, and from an early age she displayed a remarkable ability – she could copy anything she watched from just one viewing. This was discovered when she copied a piano piece perfectly, after watching a pianist perform at a recital.

Her father was a mob enforcer for Kingpin, and was murdered when Maya was still young. Kingpin was impressed with Maya’s talents and took her in and raised her as his own – putting her into the best schools money could buy, and making her into a very talented young woman.

When she was older, Kingpin used her in one of his plots to take down Daredevil, tricking her into believing that Daredevil was the one who killed her father. After watching a fight between Daredevil and Bullseye, she created the identity of Echo and went after him, only to discover that Kingpin had decieved her and that he was actually the man who killed her father. In retribution, Echo shot Kingpin in the eye, leaving him blind for a time.

Maya then took on the name of Ronin and joined the New Avengers on Daredevil’s recommendation, where she went on mission to Japan to spy on The Hand, where Elektra was rumoured to be leading the criminal gang. The rumours turned out to be true, and during a fight, Maya was killed by Elektra.

Elektra then revived Maya, and using a drug treatment, turned Maya against the New Avengers, until Doctor Strange and Iron Fist managed to cure her. Since then, Maya has been a part of the New Avengers, has worked solo, and teamed up with people such as Moon Knight. She isn’t seen all too often in comics, but when she is, she is usually with Daredevil, or the New Avengers.

First Comic Appearance: Daredevil Issue 9 (1999)

Most Common Team Ups: New Avengers, The Hand

Comic Recommendations: Daredevil (1999) by David Mack, New Avengers (2005) by Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices by various authors including Rebecca Roanhorse (2020)


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