All The Comic Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Part One


We are three episodes into Hawkeye, and they’ve been packed with Easter Eggs to Marvel Comics! Here’s a rundown of what I’ve spotted so far:

Episode 1

Kate’s Password

Panel from Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye by David Aja

Kate‘s password to Bishop Security is BISHOP112012, which is a reference to Kate’s first appearance in Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye in November 2012.

Clint’s Hearing Loss

screenshot of Clint wearing his hearing aid in episode 1

Clint has been deaf on and off throughout his Marvel Comics history, and fans have been calling for this to be shown in his MCU counterpart, and it has finally happened! Clint is now officially wearing a hearing aid, and is dealing with the fact that he is now hard of hearing, after being in too many loud battles/falling through far too many windows. He also has been shown to be using sign language – he isn’t fluent by any means, but he is making use of the language when needed.

Tracksuit Mafia

Tracksuit Mafia panel from Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye

Another reference lifted straight from Matt Fraction’s run, the Tracksuit Mafia, and they’re exactly what it says on the tin. The difference between the comic and the TV show is that in the comic they seem to work for themselves, and are buying up New York real estate (including the building Clint lives in), whereas in the TV show they are seen working for Echo, and someone even higher up than her…

The Swordmaster aka Jack Duquesne

Jack and Kate’s Mum in Hawkeye episode 1

Jack, aka Kate Bishop’s step-dad-to-be was not created for the TV show, he’s a Marvel Comic character, and not only that, he has a connection to Clint too. Jack, or Jaques as he is in the comics, is the man who trained Clint in archery and weaponry! He also turns out to be a bit of a villain who goes by Swordsman, and I doubt we’ll see him be anything less than a villain in this series!

Lucky The Pizza Dog

panel from Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye

Everyone’s favourite Marvel pet has made his debut! Lucky is also a Marvel Comic character, and he turned up in Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run. The only difference is that Lucky is Clint’s in the comics, and he was the abused dog of the Tracksuit Mafia (where he was named Arrow) before Clint got him. TV show Lucky seems to be having a better time of it, with him seemingly being a stray before Kate takes him in.

The auction

Panels from Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye

There is in fact an auction in the first Matt Fraction Hawkeye volume – only instead of selling off Avengers gear, the auction is selling a ‘tape’ of Hawkeye killing someone, and it’s set off Madripoor, not New York – and Clint and Kate go in to get it back!

Episode 2

The Names On The Apartment Buzzer

Screenshot of the buzzers on the door from Hawkeye episode 2

The names on Kate’s aunt’s building may seem random, but they are actually references to various Marvel comic artists and writers! The names mentioned include: Seth Meyers and Sam Moskowitz.

The Week Before Christmas

Hawkeye by Matt Fraction cover by David Aja

While there are no Hawkeye runs set entirely around Christmas, there is an issue of the Matt Fraction run which is set in the week leading up to the big day. That week bares no resemblance to what’s going on in the Hawkeye tv show, but I’m counting it as an Easter Egg anyway.

Detective Caudle

Screenshot of Detective Caudle in episode 2 of Hawkeye

In episode 2, we briefly see Kate talking to a Detective Caudle about the fire in her flat, and the character turns out to also be a reference to, again, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye! Detective Caudle is an officer in L.A., where Kate spends a lot of her time with her detective agency. The two generally don’t get along, especially when Kate gets herself into various scrapes.


screenshot of Grills in the Ronin costume in episode 2

The LARPer who takes Clint’s Ronin suit is another reference. Grills is a character who lives in Clint’s building in the comics, and is nicknamed Grills because he is usually at the BBQ, cooking food, during parties and gatherings between the tenants.

The Closing Credits

Image by David Aja

If you’ve read the Matt Fraction run, then the closing credits of Hawkeye will look familiar, and that’s because they were based on the artwork of the series, drawn by David Aja! (And, as a side note, Disney needs to pay David Aja, because they are referencing his artwork, without paying him royalties, so if you can add your name to the people calling for Disney to pay up, then that would be fantastic)

Episode 3


screenshot of Echo/Maya Lopez in episode 3

Echo, aka Maya Lopez, is less of an Easter Egg, but more of an adaption of a comic character, but I’m putting her here anyway, so everything is in one place. If you want to know more about her character, and who her Uncle could be, then check out my character profile.

The Bloody Hand Print

Echo with a bloody handprint on her face in Hawkeye episode 3

Echo’s father leaving a bloody hand print on her face as he dies is also another comic reference – in the comics, when Maya’s father is killed on Kingpin’s orders, he leaves a bloody hand print on her face. This then becomes part of Echo’s ‘costume’ where she paints a hand on her face to remind her of that day.

The Dodge Challenger

Panel from Hawkeye by Matt Fraction comic drawn

When escaping Echo and the Tracksuit Mafia, Kate suggests getting away in a 1970’s Dodge Challenger, to which Clint turns down, as he doesn’t want to destroy the car. In, again, Matt Fraction’s run, Clint actually buys the car, which gets wrecked in a chase with the Tracksuits. The car also gets wrecked anyway in the show, which I’m counting as another call back.

The Car Chase

Car chase panel from Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye

Speaking of cars, the car chase in this episode is another reference to the same run, and the same issue. Clint and Kate do end up being chased down by the Tracksuits in the cars, and do end up firing arrows at them to get them off their backs. The only difference is that in the comic, Kate is driving and Clint is shooting, everything else, even down to arguing about labelling the arrows, is directly from the comic.

Trick Arrows

The arrows used in the chase are also a reference, because where would Hawkeye be without his infamous trick arrows? The comics reference the sucker arrow and the putty arrow directly, and the others are also lifted, with slight changes, from the comic run too.

Clint’s Classic Costume

Screenshot of Kate’s drawing of Hawkeye’s costume in episode 3

Kate suggests that Clint needs a costume upgrade, and the idea she draws is based entirely on Clint’s original Hawkeye costume, including the helmet with the ridiculous wings.


panel from Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye

Kazi is a villain known as Clown, who is an assassin who is hired to kill Clint in the comics.

And that’s all the Easter Eggs in the first 3 episodes of Hawkeye? Which one is your favourite, or have you noticed anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!


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