Who Is Marvel’s Eros?


The Eternals didn’t just bring us a whole new superhero team, a whole new look at the creation of the Marvel Universe, and a brand new couple to ship (who else can’t stop thinking about Druig and Makkari?) – it also brought another, semi unexpected character (thanks to the journalist who leaked the casting news hours after the premiere).

But, just who is Harry Styles’ Eros? Is he really Thanos’ brother? And can we trust him? I’ll be giving you all those answers and more in this post!

Who Is Eros?

Eros (or Starfox) is from the planet Titan and is one of the Eternals. What makes him special among Eternals, is that he is half Earth-Eternal and half Titan-Eternal, meaning that his father was an Eternal from Earth, and his mother was an Eternal from Titan. He grew up as basically the opposite of Thanos – a womanizer and adventurer until Thanos attacked Titan, where he grew up and became a bit more responsible.

Though, when the war ended, he left Titan and returned to a life of adventuring and recreation.

What Are His Powers?

Due to his mixed Eternal genes, Eros has untold cosmic energy manipulative potential, but, due to the fact that he’s never really learned to use it, he does not have advanced control over this power.

But, he has got several powers he does have control of, such as advanced intelligence, superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability, teleportation, immortality, advanced healing ability, control of gravity, flight and atomic manipulation.

His biggest powers though are undoubtedly his ability to control emotions. Eros can stimulate the pleasure centres in the brains of people within 25 feet of him. This means he can make anyone extremely aroused, or render them completely sedated, at will. He can also create on occasion ‘mind bridges’ between two people, meaning that the two who are bridged can feel the emotions of the other.

Is He Thanos’ brother?

Yes, Eros is really Thanos’ brother. The reason why they look so different is that Thanos has Deviant Syndrome, which is a mutation of the Eternals genes. So while Eros looks human, like his parents, Thanos was born with purple skin.

Avengers: Rage Of Ultron issue 1 panel by Jerome Opeña and Pepe Larraz

Can we Trust Eros?

Against Thanos? Yes, Eros has always fought against his brother in battle, and only calls a truce with him once a year, where they exchange gifts.

One thing about Eros though, is that he has been accused, several times, of using his powers to manipulate women into sleeping with him. During his trial after these accusals, he was banned from the courtroom, due to the suspicion that he was influencing the jury with his power. He was found innocent and has vowed to never use his powers unless in battle, instead of risking hurting people.

He has been trusted on several occasions by the Avengers to join the team in times of battle.

Who Has He Teamed Up With?

The Avengers and the Dark Guardians – a group of cosmic based heroes who teamed up to find Gamora, to stop Thanos from resurrecting himself in her body.

Where Can I Read More About Him?

Iron Man issue 55 (1972) by Jim Starlin, if you’re looking for his first-ever appearance. Infinity War event (1991) by Jim Starlin, if you want a Thanos-based story. Guardians Of The Galaxy (2019) by Donny Cates, if you’re looking for the Dark Guardians.


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