Marvel’s Kingo Character Profile

Name: Kingo Sunen

Superhero Name: Kingo

Created By: Jack Kirby

Eternals issue 1 (2021) cover by In-Hyuk Lee

Played By: Kumail Nanjiani

Powers: Near immortality, super strength, flight, cosmic energy manipulation and energy projection. But Kingo prefers to ignore all of his powers in favour of fighting like a traditional Samurai, though he does use a sword made by Phastos which can cut through nearly anything.

Mini Bio: Kingo has spent years in Japan, learning everything there is to know about being a Samurai, and is now considered one of the most skilled swordsmen on the planet.

Using these skills, Kingo has become a major action movie star, mainly playing Samurai.

Apart from that, there isn’t much to talk about with Kingo – he’s battled Deviants, met Ghengis Khan and fought Thanos. Overall, the character has only had 22 appearances across his 44-year comic history.

First Comic Appearance: Eternals issue 11 (1977)

Most Common Team Ups: Eternals

Comic Recommendations: Eternals (1976-77) by Jack Kirby, Eternals (2000) by Karl Bollers and Mike Higgins, Eternals (2021) by Kieron Gillen

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