Marvel’s Sprite Character Profile

Name: Sprite

Superhero Name: Sprite

Created By: Jack Kirby

Eternals issue 1 (2021) cover by Jen Bartel

Played By: Lia McHugh

Powers: Super strength, illusion casting – to the point where it’s impossible to tell that the illusion is fake/tell if the memory of the event is real – telekinesis, flight, matter transmutation – Sprite’s abilities nearly equal Sersi’s in this field, immortality

Mini Bio: Sprite is the trickster of the group, known for playing pranks and taunting his fellow Eternals. In the comics, Sprite has been stuck as an eleven-year-old boy for millennia, unable to grow older until very recently.

Throughout the centuries, Sprite has been the inspiration for many famous characters, such as Shakespeare’s Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and J M Barrie’s Peter Pan.

In recent years, Sprite wiped the minds of all of his fellow Eternals and gave them new lives as normal human beings, which would allow him to grow up. But, when his plan was discovered and stopped, another Eternal, Zuras – father of Thena – killed him in punishment.

Years later, Sprite was then resurrected as a young girl, but was imprisoned for her crimes, despite her not remembering the last few hundred years of her life. The other Eternals eventually managed to free her, though she remained under the supervision of Ikaris.

First Comic Appearance: Eternals issue 9 (1977)

Most Common Team Ups: Eternals

Comic Recommendations: Eternals (1977) by Jack Kirby, Eternals (2006) by Neil Gaiman, Eternals (2021) by Keiren Gillen

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