Marvel’s Phastos Character Profile

Name: Phastos

Superhero Name: Phastos

Created By: Peter Gillis

Phastos panel from Eternals issue 6 (2009) by Daniel Acuna

Played By: Brian Tyree Henry

Powers: Superhuman strength, invulnerability, cosmic energy manipulation – which can be used as force, heat or light, meaning Phastos can vaporise objects – flight, low-level psychic abilities – including illusion casting and being able to rearrange atoms and molecules of objects – teleportation and immortality. He is also an expert in weaponry and an engineer.

Mini Bio: For Phastos, his past is a mystery – not because he can’t remember it, but simply because it hasn’t been revealed. What is known about him, is that he is an expert weapons maker, and has created a fair amount of the Eternals weapons over the years. One thing that is known about him, is that he was often mistaken for Hephaestus in Ancient Greece.

He is also possibly the most depressed of the team, feeling as if life is meaningless, which in turn has left him searching for someone, or something, to give him some level of meaning. In the comics, Phastos does have a human wife, but she remains unnamed.

First Comic Appearance: Eternals issue 1 (1985)

Most Common Team Ups: Eternals

Comic Recommendations: Eternals (1985) by Peter Gillis, Thor: The Deviant Saga (2011) by Robert Rodi, Eternals Forever (2021) by Ralph Macchio

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