Marvel’s Sersi Character Profile

Name: Sersi

Superhero Name: Sersi

Created By: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Robert Bernstein

Panel from Eternals issue 3 by John Romita Jnr

Played By: Gemma Chan

Powers: Near immortality and indestructibility, super strength, healing factor – including being able to regenerate whole limbs, telepathy, illusion casting, telekinesis, flight, cosmic energy projection out of hands and eyes, image projection, teleportation, transmutation – basically the ability to change matter into anything she wishes.

Mini Bio: Sersi is one of the Eternals, created by the Celestials millennia ago and ever since her creation, she has been protecting and looking out for humanity. But, what is very interesting about Sersi, is that she has gone by another name – Circe – as in the witch who turned men into pigs in the Odysseus tale in Greek mythology! In the Marvel comic universe, like the Norse Gods, the Greek Gods also exist, and the Eternals Circe made her way into the mythological tales.

Since then, Sersi, after a name-spelling change, went to Egypt and Rome, met Attila The Hun, became one of the founders of the Illuminati in Baravia, along with a lot of other adventures throughout history, before settling down in New York City.

While in New York, Sersi became known for hosting parties, where she became associated with the Avengers. During this association, she actually worked with the team a few times, though it did not last.

In her personal life, Sersi has had a few romantic flings, her most known being with fellow Eternal, Makkari, with who she has a very tumultuous, on/off relationship with. She also recently attended the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala as a special guest.

First Comic Appearance: Strange Tales issue 109 (June 1963) as Circe, and The Eternals issue 3 (September 1976) as Sersi.

Most Common Team Ups: Eternals and Avengers

Comic Recommendations: Eternals (1976) by Jack Kirby, Avengers (1990) by John Byrne, Eternals (2006) by Neil Gaiman.


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