Marvel’s Ikaris Character Profile

Name: Unknown

Superhero Name: Ikaris

Created By: Jack Kirby

Eternals cover by Daniel Acuña

Played By: Richard Madden

Powers: Immortality, super strength, super durability – including being able to survive while submerged in lava, superhuman stamina, regeneration of body parts, flight, low-level psychic abilities – including the ability to create illusions to disguise himself and control the minds of others, telekinesis – including being able to build a ship by rearranging matter, cosmic energy manipulation – meaning he can shoot cosmic energy out of his eyes and hands, teleportation and enhanced senses.

Mini Bio: Ikaris’s real name is unknown, as he has never revealed it. Instead, he goes by Ikaris in honour of his son, who died centuries ago. As with Sersi/Circe, this story and name ties into mythology. This time, it is, unsurprisingly, the story of Icarus and his wings. The Eternal built his son wings, so the two could fly together, but when Icarus used the wings unsupervised while trying to find his father, who was fighting Deviants at the time, he flew too close to the sun, lost consciousness and fell to his death.

In honour of his son, Icarus, this Eternal took the name Ikaris.

Since then Ikaris has met with Leonardo Da Vinci, battled Thanos when the Mad Titan tried to become one with the universe and has helped battle Deviants. He also defeated Thena to become the Prime Eternal – essentially the leader of the team and the only one who can initiate the Uni-Mind, which joins all the Eternals, their intelligence and their will together.

First Comic Appearance: Eternals issue 1 (1976)

Most Common Team Ups: Eternals

Comic Recommendations: Eternals (1976) by Jack Kirby, Eternals (2006) by Neil Gaiman, Eternals (2009) by Charles and Daniel Knauf


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