Who Are Marvel’s Deviants?

We’ve had the Eternals, we’ve had the Celestials, now it’s time to talk about the Deviants!

Who Are The Deviants?

The Deviants are the opposite of the Eternals – a set of early humanity who were given an unstable genome while being experimented on by the Celestials. This unstable genome gave way to unstable DNA, which gave the test subjects, and their offspring, various mutations.

What Are Their Powers?

The powers of the Deviants, to make a pun, deviate between each individual, to the point where Deviant offspring rarely even resemble their parents. Their powers can include higher intelligence, strength, lifespan, or it can go down an entirely different route with an entirely different power. Essentially, the only thing the Deviants have in common is that their looks and powers are uncommon.

Deviants panel from Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica #1

What Do They Do?

Similarly to the Eternals, they created their own societies and technologies. But, while the Eternals stayed out of the way, the Deviants brought war. The only reason why they haven’t managed to take over the Earth, is because of the Eternals stopping them, and their deep distrust for each other.

Have We Seen A Deviant In The MCU Before?

We have, in the form of Thanos! Thanos is a deviant version of his own kind – the Titans.

Where Can I Read More About Them?

Again, in the Eternals comics I recommended on Friday! Or, Thor: The Deviant Saga (2012) by Robert Rodi, if you want something Deviant-centric!


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