Dawn Of X Reading Guide Part Two

It’s finally time for the second half of my Dawn Of X reading guide, where we go through the last volumes of Dawn Of X and the X of Swords, before heading into the Reign Of X!

This guide will pick up where part one leaves off, and will take you through the next big event in this X-Men saga, so you’re reading for Reign Of X, which will be in part three!

Dawn Of X Bind Ups

Just the same as last time, there are two ways to read the Dawn Of X series – as Dawn Of X bind ups, or as individual team bind ups. I’ll start with the Dawn Of X version, as they’re the easiest:

Dawn Of X Bind Ups

Dawn Of X volumes 8-16

This, to me, is the simplest way to read Dawn Of X, as all you have to do is keep an eye on volume numbers, as every issue is collected inside them. You don’t have to try and keep up with multiple teams bind ups, or fear missing something, as everything is in one place!

But if you want to keep on with individual teams, then they’re all listed in the first part of this guide.

X Of Swords

Pronounced ’10 of Swords’, this brought together all the various X-Men comic lines, and heavily involved Apocalypse. It also tied into the Empyre event too, bringing the X-Men back into the main Marvel Universe, instead of separating them off.

X Of Swords Bind Up

To make things easy, Marvel have released the entire X Of Swords as one giant bind up, which includes absolutely everything to do with the event!

And that’s it for this part, before we launch into the Reign Of X and the Hellfire Gala!

As always, if you have any questions, please do leave them down below and I’ll do my best to answer them!


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