Uatu The Watcher’s Best Appearances


Things went from bad to worse in this week’s What If…? episode, and Uatu finally decided to interfere to save the multiverse from Ultron!

But, isn’t he supposed to just watch, hasn’t he vowed to never interfere?

Yes, he has, but Uatu in the comics has never really listened to his vow – he’s interfered/at least shown up so many times over the years that the Avengers now know him on sight!

So, what are some of his best appearances? Let’s take a look at some of my personal favourites:

The Fantastic Four Reveal

panel from Fantastic Four issue 13 from 1663

I couldn’t talk about Uatu’s best appearances without mentioning his first ever! During issue 13 of the 1963 Fantastic Four run, Uatu revealed himself to The Thing and Red Ghost – a villain the F4 were fighting on the dark side of the moon. He then revealed himself to the entire team after the battle, encouraging the Fantastic Four to continue seeking out the stars.

Uatu then went on to reveal himself again to the Fantastic Four to warn them about a new villain – Molecule Man. When he was certain the team had defeated him, he stepped in again to undo the damage done by the villain.

Protecting Earth From Galactus

Fantastic Four issue 48 from 1966 by Jack Kirby

Uatu stepped in again when he sensed the Silver Surfer heading towards Earth, to see if it was a good enough meal for Galactus. In an attempt to save the Earth, Uatu tried to mask the planet by using holograms of flames and destruction, which caused worldwide panic. He also told the Fantastic Four of the upcoming threat, and when he failed to convince Galactus to leave Earth alone, he boosted the Human Torch’s powers and guided him to find the Ultimate Nullifier, the only item potentially capable of destroying Galactus.

What If…? Appearances

Civil War issue 1 cover by Steve McNiven

I couldn’t talk about Uatu without mentioning the original What If…? comics – seeing as Uatu is the narrator, as he is in the show! I’d say he makes less of an appearance in the comics – he usually introduces and closes each issue, but I say it’s still fun to see him pop up!

Uatu’s Murder

Original Sin issue 1 cover by Mike Deodato

A slightly odd thing to include, seeing as this is supposed to be some of his best appearances – but Uatu’s murder was a huge event in the Marvel Universe. The event was called Original Sin, and focused on what happened when Thor discovered Uatu’s body on the moon, and the Avengers trying to solve what happened.

Luckily, this wasn’t the end of our favourite Watcher – he does resurrect himself later on, but to go into more detail on that would spoil who his murderer was, and where’s the fun in that?

And that is some of my favourite Uatu moments throughout Marvel comic history! What are some of your favourites? Would you love to see a solo Uatu adventure? I know I certainly would, especially after episode 8 of What If…?, he is such an interesting character, I’d love to see more of him!


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