29th September Marvel Comic Releases

It’s a short new comic book release day this week!

Single Issues:

Extreme Carnage: Omega by Phillip Kennedy Johnson


Make sure you’ll caught up on Extreme Carnage before reading Omega!

Inferno by Jonathan Hickman

“There will be an island-not the first, but the last…” Promises were made and broken. The rulers of Krakoa have been playing a dangerous game with a dangerous woman, and they are about to see how badly that can burn them. Mastermind of the X-Men JONATHAN HICKMAN brings his plans to a head, joined by an incredible lineup of artists beginning with VALERIO SCHITI… as one woman follows through on her promise to burn the nation of Krakoa to the ground.

You’ll have to be caught up on all the goings-on on Krakoa before going into this! Part one of my reading guide is already up, and part two is going up soon!

Bind Ups:

Captain Marvel volume 6: Strange Magic by Kelly Thompson and Jamie McKelvie

Swipe right, Captain Marvel! Devastated by her breakup with Rhodey, Carol can’t seem to get her groove back. Sure, monsters are still getting punched, but things are also getting missed – and boy oh boy is she grouchy. Before Carol can drive her friends fully insane, they stage an intervention that looks a heck of a lot like speed dating. With friends like these, who needs enemies?! But forget romance – Captain Marvel is far more at home on the battlefield. She’s a born soldier. Give her an enemy to fight, and she’s unstoppable. But her Achilles’ heel is about to snap. The mystic arts are Carol’s one true weakness, and – haunted by her failure to stop the villain Ove – she sets out on a mission to correct that weakness…at any cost! Guest-starring Doctor Strange! 

The previous six volumes are called: Re-Entry, Falling Star, Star: Birth Of A Dragon, The Last Avenger, Accused and The New World.

Reign Of X volume 5 by Benjamin Percy, Vita Ayala, Tini Howard and more

Old friends and new faces in the Reign of X! Wolverine finds himself in a jam alongside his former Team X compatriot Maverick, but the reunion won’t last long if they can’t break free of the Legacy House! As the members of Excalibur reckon with their losses, two heads of state seek to restore the status quo. All hail…Queen Elizabeth III?! Meanwhile, Siryn is dying over and over, and X-Factor must follow the screams! Cable teams up with Domino again – for the first time! But will fortune favor Nathan, or has he met his match? And who are the young heroes with familiar powers breaking the law against teenage vigilantes? Can the X-Men find the mysterious Children of the Atom before the authorities do?

Another one where you need to make sure you’re caught up on all things Dawn Of X!

Cable volume 2 by Gerry Duggan

Some summers seem like they will never end. And some end too soon. Still reeling from the events of X OF SWORDS, Cable turns back to the matter of missing mutant babies – a matter that he knows a thing or two about. But when his investigations lead him to a very familiar face, he’ll need all the luck he can get – from Domino! She’s been a steadfast ally to the older Cable for years, but how will she react when meeting his younger past self for the first time? As the paradoxes of time travel stack up, Nathan’s future is coming back to haunt him – and he isn’t ready. Yet. But as young Cable inches toward the startling secret of a lost child, an inevitable reckoning draws ever closer.

Another part of the Dawn Of X run!

And that’s everything coming out this week, what’s on your pull list? I’m getting all the X-Men releases for certain!

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