15th September Marvel Comic Releases

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for a new comic book day release guide!

Single Issues:

Eternals: Thanos Rises by Kieron Gillen

 Eternals are created, not born. They have families, but their families make no new children.
•  It’s simply not what Eternals do.  
•  Some of them thought they could find a way to change that and believed it would be for the best.
•  They were terribly, terribly wrong.

I’d recommend reading Kieron Gillen’s Eternals run before going into this one-shot.

Extreme Carnage: Agony by Alyssa Wong

ENTER: AGONY! As the odds (and symbiotes!) stack against our heroes, is there any way they can win against Carnage?

Definitely be up to date with Extreme Carnage before jumping into Agony’s story!

Last Annihilation: Wakanda by Evan Narcisse

With the universe itself at stake, Black Panther enlists the might of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda to help stop the dreaded Dormammu! And leading the Wakandan forces is none other than the legendary M’Baku! Will T’Challa and M’Baku be able to defeat Dormammu’s army of Mindless Ones? Don’t miss this critical chapter of the LAST ANNIHILATION event as a new hero emerges!

This is part of the Last Annihilation storyline, so make sure you’ve read that first. I’d also recommend Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther run, too, so you’re up to date with everything going on in Wakanda.

Bind Ups:

Uncanny X-Men: Rise And Fall of The Shi’ar Empire by Ed Brubaker

Ed Brubaker (CAPTAIN AMERICA) takes the helm of Marvel’s mighty mutants! And his incredible saga won’t just affect Earth, but will also rock the foundations of the entire galaxy! The shockingly powerful Vulcan is out for revenge, and he has his sights set on the Shi’ar Empire! Only Charles Xavier and his new team of X-Men can stop the rogue third Summers brother, but Rachel Summers’ presence on the outskirts of Shi’ar-controlled space does not go unnoticed – and a new enemy with deep ties to Rachel is unleashed! Featuring the Starjammers, a clash of the titans between Vulcan and Gladiator and all-out war in the cosmos! Get ready for the ride of your life! 

To get the most out of this bind up, I’d read Ed Brubaker’s Deadly Genesis first.

Savage Avengers volume 4: King In Black by Gerry Duggan

Conan is imprisoned on Ryker’s Island – but he promptly breaks out with the help of Deadpool! The taciturn barbarian and the Merc with a Mouth make for a very odd couple in the battle against the King in Black and his symbiote hordes! Meanwhile, Conan makes a surprising discovery that may help him overcome another dark threat: the sorcerer Kulan Gath. But what part of the barbarian’s plan involves a heist of the Hellfire Club? Prepare for Conan and Deadpool to set sail…with the Marauders! Then, a riotous team-up between Conan and the Rhino goes wrong when Spider-Man threatens to ruin their good time! And the legendary barbarian meets Johnny Blaze, but this Ghost Rider is nothing compared to the spider-riding Spirit of Vengeance of the Hyborian Age!

Before reading this, you’ll need to read King In Black and the previous three Savage Avengers volumes, which are named: City Of Sickles, To Dine With Doom and Enter The Dragon.

Miles Morales volume 5: Clone Saga by Saladin Ahmed

Nothing will ever be the same for the Morales family! The battle against Ultimatum is over, but Miles and his family will bear the scars for the rest of their lives. A day with Starling may raise Miles’ spirits, but there’s always another shoe about to drop – like symbiote dragons attacking Brooklyn! And that’s not the worst thing unleashed by the King in Black: Knull has taken over one of Miles’ friends and is using them to go after the young Spider-Man! If Miles can come out of this ordeal unscathed, he’ll face an even greater one when the Assessor’s machinations are revealed at last – and Miles’ Clone Saga will mess up his life even worse than Peter Parker’s did!

Again, it’s best to read King In Black first, and you will definitely need to read the previous four volumes in this Miles series: Straight Outta Brooklyn, Bring On The Bad Guys, Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales, Family Business and Ultimatum.

Excalibur by Tiny Howard volume 3

Some things that have been lost cannot be replaced! In the explosive aftermath of the Otherworldly battles of X OF SWORDS, the team is left changed. But who is the woman on the shore? And who is…Queen Elizabeth III?! As the Krakoan Council makes moves to protect the mutants that remain in Otherworld, Excalibur must determine the true fate of Betsy Braddock! Plus: An invisible threat is loose on the island of Krakoa – unseen, unheard, undetectable by anyone…except Excalibur. Can the team hunt it down before the Hellfire Gala kicks off? This all-out mutant event is already shaping up to be somewhat less than pleasant,  and Excalibur’s actions at the Gala just might change Krakoan diplomacy forever! 

The next part in the latest X-Men saga, part one of my reading guide is here, and part two is coming up – I’m just gathering the information I need!

And that’s everything releasing this week! What’s on your pull list? I’m definitely picking up Miles Morales volume 5!

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