8th September Marvel Comic Releases

It’s a new week, and new week’s mean new comic book day! This week runs a little low on single issues, but it more than makes up for it in bind ups!

Single Issues:

Extreme Carnage: Toxin by Steve Orlando

TOXIN RETURNS! Bren Waters, the new host of TOXIN, enters the fray! Will he be enough to turn the tide?

The next part in the Extreme Carnage event, so make sure you’re all caught up on Venom, Extreme Carnage and King In Black!

Ka-Zar Marvel Tales by Chris Claremont

Ka-Zar and his faithful friend Zabu leap into action as we celebrate the legacy of the House of Ideas with MARVEL TALES! This anthology series shines a spotlight on fan-favorite characters, features timeless stories and highlights some of Marvel’s most impressive talent from the past eight decades. Legendary X-Men scribe Chris Claremont and a trio of acclaimed artists – Michael Golden, Dave Cockrum and Paul Smith – present one of the best-looking Savage Land sagas of all as Ka-Zar teams up with Angel, Spider-Man and the X-Men in stories from MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #1-4! It starts with a search for the man once called Sauron – but when Angel and Spidey undergo a monstrous transformation, the jungle lord will face the consequences! As Sauron soars once more, the X-Men fall victim to the winged menace – and Ka-Zar must ride to the rescue!

I’m not going to lie – I don’t know a thing about Ka-Zar as a character, all I know is that his 1980’s run is a fan favourite! But, this looks like a decent place to start with his character, as this actually collects that famous 80’s run!

Ka-Zar: Lord Of The Savage Land by Zac Thompson

The alien Cotati murdered him. The Savage Land brought him back. Lord Plunder has returned – with a vastly new perspective! Now united with Shanna the She-Devil in a mystical merging of life energies, Ka-Zar has new abilities, new needs…and new enemies. An ancient evil has surfaced in the Savage Land – one that is rapidly reshaping the forgotten world and its inhabitants. Ka-Zar and Shanna must fight together to protect their home and family! But their son Matthew has plans of his own… Don’t miss this spectacular adventure through the lost lands by Zac Thompson and Germán Garcia!

I’d recommend reading Marvel Tales at the very least before jumping into this, especially if you’ve never read anything about Ka-Zar before.

Bind Ups:

Cosmic Ghost Rider Omnibus volume 1 by Donny Cates

Millennia ago you knew him as the Punisher. Then Frank Castle made a deal with the devil to become the Ghost Rider. An alliance with Galactus made him cosmic. And a dark bargain with Thanos made him…dead?! Now Cosmic Ghost Rider has a time-travel plan for vengeance on his former master. But can even Frank kill…baby Thanos?! Cosmic Ghost Rider wreaks havoc in Marvel’s past, allies with the Guardians of the Galaxy and takes on the Avengers alongside Johnny Blaze! But when Frank’s only friend is endangered, it’s time to take revenge! 

This follows on from the Thanos Wins event by Donny Cates, so you should definitely read that first before jumping into this one.

Captain America by Rick Remender Omnibus

Rick Remender’s shocking CAPTAIN AMERICA saga! Thanks to Arnim Zola, Cap is trapped in the nightmarish Dimension Z! With no country and no allies, what’s left for Steve Rogers to fight for? Then, Cap faces the fury of Nuke and the machinations of the Iron Nail! But when Steve loses his powers, it’s time to pass the shield – and the Falcon becomes the all-new Captain America! With a new Nomad by his side, Sam Wilson has his hands full with Hydra and the deadliest enemies in Steve’s rogues’ gallery! Plus: The Scarecrow brings the fear! The Winter Soldier goes on a thrilling Cold War mission! And on Battleworld, will Nomad hail Hydra?

An absolutely fantastic omnibus to buy if you’re looking for Sam Wilson’s Captain America run, as this collects nearly every storyline featuring him! There are a few missing, but there’s still a lot of really, really good stories to get stuck into here!

Mighty Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers by Stan Lee

The stories that built the Marvel Universe, from the brilliant minds of legendary creators – now available in an accessible new format the whole family can enjoy! Gathering together to face the evil Loki, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and the Wasp join forces to become Marvel’s most powerful team of heroes! And when Captain America returned from the frozen depths to battle alongside them, the Avengers truly took form! In this collection of the earliest adventures of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, meet Kang the Conqueror, Wonder Man, the Space Phantom and Baron Zemo – and witness the debut of the Masters of Evil! But when a furious Hulk quits the Avengers and teams with the savage Sub-Mariner, will the green giant smash his former comrades? Let the cry ring out: Avengers Assemble!

If you want to get your kids into Marvel Comics, or they just want to get into them themselves, this is a fantastic place to start – as this is the updated, kid-friendly original Avengers run!

Fantastic Four Omnibus volume 3 by Stan Lee

Under Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, FANTASTIC FOUR earned the tagline “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine.” And there’s no doubting it when you read the adventures they have in store for you in their third Omnibus collection! It’s one history-making hit after another – including the first appearances of the Kree, Annihilus and “Him” (A.K.A. Adam Warlock); team-ups with the Inhumans and Silver Surfer; and the birth of Franklin Richards! Add in classic enemies Doctor Doom, the Mole Man and Galactus – and Crystal’s first outing as a member of the FF – and you know what? “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” is an understatement. These are some of the greatest adventures of all time!

Fantastic Four Omnibus volume 4 by Stan Lee and Archie Goodwin

Celebrate 60 years of the World’s Greatest Comics collaboration! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby conclude their record-setting tenures on the FANTASTIC FOUR, the book that birthed the Marvel Universe! In Kirby’s final issues, Doctor Doom lurks in the shadows, the FF save Apollo 11 from an alien threat, and the Sub-Mariner and Magneto team up to attack our heroes! Then Stan Lee is joined by Marvel art legends John Romita Sr. and John Buscema to forge a new future for Marvel’s first family! Along the way, the Thing battles the Hulk, the Surfer is taken captive by Galactus and the Overmind menaces Earth – leading to the strangest event in Marvel history: Doctor Doom joins the FF?! Guest-starring Black Panther, the Inhumans and more!

The first two volumes don’t have titles, they’re just numbered volumes 1 and 2.

Ms Marvel: Game Over by G Willow Wilson

A new chapter begins for Kamala Khan! It’s lonely out there for Ms. Marvel when loved ones no longer have her back. It’s time for Kamala to find out exactly who she is on her own! But soon her home life, costumed life and online life will converge when a member of her World of Battlecraft guild reveals he’s discovered her secret identity! He knows a disturbing number of details about her, but is he…human? Then, when an enemy from Ms. Marvel’s past begins targeting those closest to her, everything about Kamala will be called into question – not just as a super hero, but also as a person! Nothing’s ever easy for the shape-shifting, size-swapping sensation – but how are things going for her best friend Bruno, who now attends school in Wakanda?

The first one in this bind up series is Army Of One.

Loki Omnibus volume 1 by Stan Lee

Celebrate the God of Mischief’s classic villainy in a volume full of diabolical deceit! Featuring every Loki appearance from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legendary era of THOR – and more – it’s a volume full of brotherly rivalry, deadly plots and wicked magic! Across the ages, Loki’s tricks on Thor are a treat to read as he wreaks havoc on Asgard and Midgard – banishing Jane Foster to Limbo, trading spells with Doctor Strange and masterminding a Thor/Silver Surfer battle – and of course, causing the Avengers to first assemble! Bring on the wiliest bad guy of all! 

All of Loki’s earliest appearances, perfect for anyone who wants to go right back to Loki’s beginning and work their way through his adventures!

Spider-Man by McFarlane Omnibus by Todd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane became a superstar illustrating AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, but he changed the industry forever with his next project: the “adjectiveless” SPIDER-MAN! Taking on both writing and art duties, McFarlane ushered Peter Parker into a gritty new era – and it began with “Torment”! When the Big Apple’s streets run red with blood, the web-slinger heads into the sewers to stop the Lizard’s homicidal rampage. But what is driving his old friend and foe? Plus: Ghost Rider lends a bony hand when the deranged Hobgoblin returns, the wall-crawler finds himself at the centre of a clash of claws between Wolverine and Wendigo and Pete goes back in black to face Morbius the Living Vampire! And in the ultimate nineties team-up, Spidey joins X-Force to battle the unstoppable Juggernaut!

The start of Todd McFarlane’s infamous run, featuring some of Peter Parker’s darkest stories!

X-Factor by Leah Williams volume 2

The fallout from X OF SWORDS continues! A dark force is manipulating the lives of X-Factor, and now Siryn is dead! Again. And again. And again… What’s going on? X-Factor must follow the screams to unravel a mystery and find out the truth! Plus: A dark force is manipulating the team just as a striking revelation comes to light. Who’s that knocking? Could the Boneyard be…haunted? Somehow, the enduring evil X-Factor has uncovered needs to be destroyed – and the answer lies in the Mojoverse! Then, at the Hellfire Gala, shocking secrets will be revealed and vengeance will be had! Somebody is about to enjoy their last dance, and you’ll never guess who it is.

Usual Dawn Of X rules apply, so make sure you’re all caught up with at least the characters involved in this volume, as well as X Of Swords! I’ll have a second part to the reading guide up soon too, so you’ll be able to see exactly what you need to read, and in what order!

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s on your pull list? For me, I’m definitely going to be on the look out for Cosmic Ghost Rider and Loki!

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