Shang-Chi Character Profile

Name: Shang-Chi

Superhero Name: Shang-Chi

Created By: Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin

The Legend of Shang-Chi cover by Andie Tong

Played By: Simu Liu

Powers: master of chi and master martial artist

Mini Bio: Shang-Chi was born in Honan Province, China, to a white American woman and Zheng Zu, a supervillain and leader of the Five Weapons Society. Zheng Zu had Shang-Chi trained from a very young age in martial arts, and then sent his son out on missions to assassinate his enemies.

Shang-Chi believed that his father was a great humanitarian until he was told otherwise by his father’s enemy. From there, Shang-Chi swore to stop his father’s schemes, and spent years stopping his various plans for world domination. While trying to take down his father, Shang-Chi ended up finding friends in the form on some MI-6 agents, and decided to work for them.

Shang-Chi has also worked with the Avengers, Marvel Knights, Heroes For Hire and the Agents Of Atlas, he has also trained several other heroes in martial arts.

The current comic runs have Shang-Chi as leader of his father’s organisation, where he is working on making the organisation a force for good, instead of evil.

First Comic Appearance: Special Marvel Edition issue 15 (December 1973)

Most Common Team Ups: Avengers, Agents of Atlas, Five Weapons Society

Comic Recommendations: Heroes For Hire by John Ostrander, Shang-Chi: Master Of Kung Fu by Doug Moench, The Legend of Shang-Chi by Alyssa Wong and Shang-Chi: Brothers And Sisters by Gene Luen Yang


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