Seige Reading Guide

With Loki’s tv show airing, I’ve been mentioning Journey Into Mystery a lot, but I haven’t really gone into what it’s about, or even how Loki is a child in this series!

But before I can talk about Journey Into Mystery and Fear Itself, I need to talk about Siege first, as that sets the scene in terms of Loki’s childlike appearance.


Firstly, you’ll want to read Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis

The shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls has secretly infiltrated every super-powered organisation on Earth with one goal – full-scale invasion! Filled with shocking revelations and powerful action, this adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat as Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains ask – Who do you trust?

This event covers the Skrull invasion and exactly why Norman Osborne is so hell-bent on creating a new set of Avengers. I’ll be doing a full reading guide for this event when Secret Invasion the tv show comes out, but for now, just reading the main Secret Invasion comic by Brian Michael Bendis should do for now.

Dark Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis

They’re your Avengers, and they are here to protect you! Except…things are not as they seem. With the real Avengers underground, who are these Avenger doppelgängers, and why have they been assembled?

Again, this gives you a bit more knowledge as to why Osborne is doing what he’s doing.

The Main Event

Siege Prelude by Brian Michael Bendis, Johnathan Hickman and more

Following the victory over the Skrulls, Norman Osborn assembles a new Avengers team, Thor battles his grandfather’s reincarnation, Emma Frost reminiscences about her life, and Doom and the original Avengers devise plots to overthrow Norman.

This doesn’t offer much more information if you’ve read through all the Dark Reign part one and part two comics, but, if you’re like me and sometimes just want to get to the main event, then this prelude will catch you up nicely.

Siege by Brian Michael Bendis

The lines have been drawn in final battle!

In an epic story arc that began with Avengers Disassembled – and extended through the House of M, Civil War and Secret Invasion – the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe are ready to make their final move against a target from time immemorial: the hallowed halls of Asgard!

But with this the last piece in Norman Osborn’s insane bid to seize total control of the world, is the siege of Asgard the proverbial bridge too far for the former Green Goblin? And will his machinations with Loki be the thing which loses the war, or wins him the world?

With all-out action that explodes across artist Olivier Coipel’s (Thor) gorgeously rendered pages, writer Brian Michael Bendis (New Avengers) fulfills the promise of a story years in the making – starring Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Nick Fury and other greats of the Heroic Age!

The actual main event, and, if you get the trade collection, you’ll also get the prologue, The Cabal, Siege issue 1 directors cut, New Avengers issues 61-64 and Dark Avengers issues 13-16, which cuts the amount of comics you have to buy down by about half!

Thor: Siege by Billy Tan

Asgard lies under SIEGE! As the evil eye of Norman Osborn falls on Asgard, what happens to neighboring Broxton, Oklahoma? What unexpected enemies will be drawn to the scene like carrion to a carcass? And what unlikely heroes will rise to the town’s defense? The Asgardians face the battle of their lives…and the showdown that’s coming may end their new life on Earth as quickly as it began! Then, delve into the world of Siege’s most devious major player in SIEGE: LOKI!

Focuses on Thor, the Asgardians and the town of Broxton, which is a really good thing to read if you want to go onto Fear Itself. This one also includes Loki’s issue of the Siege event too.

Mighty Avengers: Siege by Dan Slott

The throwdown you’ve been waiting for — and that Loki, God of Mischief — has been scheming toward: The Mighty Avengers vs. The Dark Avengers!
Hank Pym’s team has tried their best to be a shining light in the world of Dark Reign but this might be the time that light gets snuffed out! Special appearance by the Mighty Thor!

Siege: Avengers: The Initiative by Christos Gage

Months of story threads finally weave together as Norman Osborn offers Taskmaster a seat at the Cabal’s table…the Avengers Resistance uncovers a horrifying secret…and members of the Initiative are called up for an assault on an enemy of incalculable power!

This one comes with some other reading, the previous volumes are: Basic Training, Killed In Action, Secret Invasion, Disassembled and Dreams and Nightmares. The series kicked off after Civil War, and begun as a continuation from that event.

Siege: Battlefield by Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage and more

We all know how the Avengers are involved in Siege, now five action-packed stories reveal how Osborn’s plan sends shockwaves through the rest of the Marvel Universe. See Spider-Man do battle with Venom. Watch as Wiccan and Patriot are pushed to their limits. Take a journey into the mind of Loki. Learn all about Nick Fury’s master plan. And, witness how this event will define the relationship between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers!

This one provides a good look into what Loki has been doing during this whole event, as well as several other stories based around Siege.

Siege: Thunderbolts by Jeff Parker

It’s been too long since Mr. X has killed, and he needs his next fix! Ghost has taken notice, and sees an opportunity…while Scourge is seeing things that no one should! Add in the selfish intentions of Paladin and Ant-Man, stir with a stick of dynamite and…BOOM! You’ve heard raves about Parker’s Atlas (heroes pretending to be villains)…but now it’s time to let him loose on some real fiends!

This is great for anyone not familiar with the Thunderbolts team, Jeff Parker doesn’t really care much for previous history or teams, so you can dive right in.

Siege: X-Men by Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu

The end has come.
While he is counted among the greatest villains the Marvel Universe has ever seen, one question remains: whose side is Daken really on? As part of the Siege on Asgard, what, or who, will he encounter in the land of the gods that will change him forever? And in New Mutants, with all the Asgardians falling in the Siege of Asgard, someone needs to deal with the dead. And who better to do so than a Valkyrie. But where is Dani Moonstar supposed to be bringing these dead?

If you’re unsure just who Dani is, or why she’s important here, check out my character profile.

Siege: Embedded by Brian Reed

The SIEGE of Asgard has begun And Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers are leading the charge Osborn’s savvy use of the media fuelled his rise to power – but the very tools he’s been using may turn against him. It’s time to expose Norman’s true face to the world and uncover the secrets behind the attack on the gods Witness the changing of the Marvel Universe firsthand.

Focuses more on Ben Ulrich, a reporter, following the events of Siege.

Thor: Siege Aftermath by Kieron Gillen

Thor goes to Hell! In the aftermath of Siege, heavy metal horror and adventure! Fan-favorite writer Kieron Gillen continues his bestselling and critically acclaimed Thor run, reteamed with Doug Braithwaite. A lingering menace created by fiendish Loki as an afterthought returns to wreak havoc on the Asgardians! Can Thor and his unlikely allies defeat this devastating force of destruction?! Or in their weakened state after the battles of Siege, will this new, ancient enemy prove too strong?

Less of a tie-in and more a look into the Aftermath of the battle. I’d read Kieren Gillen’s Thor run first, to keep up with what the God of Thunder has been up to.

And that’s your reading order for Siege, look out tomorrow for my Fear Itself/Journey Into Mystery reading guide!


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