All The Comic Easter Eggs In Loki Part Two


The other day, I posted part one of my Loki easter eggs, so it’s time for part 2, and this one is a lot more full than the previous post!

Episode Four

Mobius in episode 4 saying ‘you know, we brought in Kree, Titans and Vampires.’

Kree, Titans, Vampires

We already know about the Kree (Min-Erva and Yon-Rogg from Captain Marvel), we already know about Titans (Thanos), but vampires? Where do they fit in the Marvel universe?

They fit in with Blade, the half-vampire hunter. (And Morbius, who isn’t to be confused with Mobius, the living vampire who’s movie by Sony is coming out soon) Blade’s movie is also confirmed to be coming at the end of Phase Four of the MCU! It was a blink and you’ll miss it reference in the episode, but Marvel are definitely laying the ground work for a lot of projects in the MCU’s future!

The Four Loki’s at the end of episode 4

Kid Loki and Classic Loki

Kid Loki – a fan favourite character- showed up in the end credit scene alongside Boastful Loki, Classic Loki and Croki (who’s actually an alligator, but Croki sounds better than Alliloki). Boastful Loki and Croki are not characters from the comics, but Classic and Kid certainly are!

Classic Loki and Kid Loki in their comic accurate costumes

Comic accurate costumes

Marvel’s Phase Four trend of comic accurate costumes continue, this time by giving Kid Loki and Classic Loki their accurate comic costumes.

Episode Five

Absolutely everything I’m mentioning here is blink and you’ll miss it – the references are littered around the Void, so keep your eyes peeled the next time you watch the episode!

Journey Into Mystery by Kieron Gillen

Journey Into Mystery

The episode was titled ‘Journey Into Mystery‘ for a very good reason – it’s another comic reference. Thor and Loki first started out in the Journey Into Mystery comics, and have each had their own solo runs under the title.

Thanos Copter in episode 5

Thanos copter

Yes, Thanos has a helicopter at one point in the comics, it’s weird, I know, but it was a whole thing in Spidey Super Stories issue 39 (1979) by Nick Sullivan.

Yellow Jacket helmet in episode 5

Yellow Jacket Head

More of a call back to Ant Man, but the Yellow Jacket is still a comic character, and can grow giant in the comics, hence why the head is actually giant in this shot.

Head of the Living Tribunal in episode 5

Living Tribunal Statue

The Living Tribunal is a character who hasn’t turned up in the MCU yet (though has been discussed behind the scenes a few times!), but is essentially a humanoid cosmic entity who has existed alongside the universe. It’s one job is to protect the multiverse from an imbalance of mystical forces. My best guess as to why it’s in the Void is because Kang got rid of it centuries ago, so he could carry out his plan…

Throg in a jar in episode 5


Underground, we actually see Throg, aka Frog Thor, in a jar! This actually happened in the comics too – Loki turned Thor into a frog back in 1986 in Thor issue 364! Also, another fun easter egg about this is that the Loki crew got Chris Hemsworth himself in to record Throg’s screams of frustration. They didn’t just take audio from another Avengers movie, they actually got Chris in to record it specifically for the episode!

President Loki in episode 5

President Loki

Another fan favourite Loki variant briefly turned up in this episode – President Loki! This one is based on the Vote Loki one shot by Christopher Hastings, where Loki runs for President Of The United States.

Loki and his flaming sword in episode 5

Flaming sword

Kid Loki hands our Loki a flaming sword, which comes from both the comics and the original Norse mythology. It’s name is Laevateinn, which translates to ‘sword of deception’ or ‘wand of cunning.’ The first time it appears in the comics is issue 115 of Journey Into Mystery.

Qeng Enterprises tower in episode 5

Qeng Enterprises

Another thing we see is a ruined version of Avengers tower, but it’s marked ‘Qeng Enterprises’ instead of having the iconic ‘A’ on the side. After some digging, I found that this is another comic reference. During Avengers: Ultron Forever by Mark Waid, Stark Industries sold Avengers Tower to Qeng Enterprises, a company owned by a Mr Gryphon. As it turns out though, Mr Gryphon isn’t who he says he is – he’s actually Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang The Conquerer.

Dark Aster in episode 5

Dark Aster

More of an MCU easter egg, but I’m counting it. In the background of the Void, it’s possible to see at one point the remains of the Dark Aster – the ship Ronan commanded in the first Guardians Of The Galaxy film.

Helicarrior in episode 5


Another downed ship is the Helicarrior, likely downed in a branched timeline where Loki or Ultron won their battles against the Avengers.

Sylvie facing Alioth in episode 5


The monster of the Void’s name is Alioth, and has been part of the comics for a long time. He first appeared in Avengers The Terminatrix Objective issue 1 (1993) by Mark Gruenwald, and is very similar to his TV counterpart. Only, his empire is two to three times larger than Kang’s in the comics!

Episode 6

Kang statue in episode 6


The Big Reveal of the episode – it was Kang all along! Kang is a major player in Marvel Comics, and is only just getting started in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’ve done a quick guide to the character, but will definitely be going into more detail when Ant Man And The Wasp: Quantumania comes out!

He Who Remains/Kang The Conquerer official poster

He Who Remains

He Who Remains wasn’t just a title cooked up for the show, he’s actually a minor comic character too. The character first appears in Thor issue 245 (1976) by Len Wein, and is the final director of the Time Variance Authority.

Renslayer’s certificate in her ‘real world’ office in episode 6

Renslayer’s Real Name

When Hunter B15 shows the others the ‘real’ Renslayer, it’s revealed that her name was Rebecca Tourminet, which is one of Renslayer’s alias’ in the comics.

And that’s all the easter eggs I found in Loki! What was your favourite, or did you notice something I didn’t? Let me know in the comments!

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