All The Hints At Kang The Conquerer In Loki


The Loki season finale finally revealed who was behind the TVA – He Who Remains, aka Kang The Conquerer! Some people were convinced it was Miss Minutes, some others were convinced another Loki was the man behind the curtain. But some guessed right and said it was Kang all along!

Wondering how they came to this conclusion? Then you’ve come to the right place, because this post is going to give you all the clues the Loki crew sprinkled throughout the show to Kang The Conquerer!


Renslayer in in the court in episode 1

Renslayer is possibly the biggest clue we got in terms of Kang, as the two are so tightly connected in the comics. She’s a princess of one of Kang’s kingdoms, as well as Kang’s love interest.


Renslayer in uniform during Sylvie’s flashback

Another Renslayer related clue was on her uniform in Sylvie’s flashback – her hunter number was A-23. Renslayer’s first appearance was in Stan Lee’s Avengers issue 23 in 1965.

31st Century Technology

The hunters discovering the 31st century technology in episode 1

Another clue came from the hunters finding 31st century technology before the timeline they were in was reset. It seems innocuous, but, in hindsight, it was a blatant clue to Kang, as the 31st century is where he’s originally from!

Design Of A Time Keeper

The Timekeepers cartoon from episode 1

The three Time Keepers look very different, but, as you can see, this specific one (usually presented in the middle of the trio) looks very much like Jonathan Majors, who plays Kang in the MCU, mixed with his comic counterpart.

Qeng Tower

Qeng tower in episode 5

Qeng Tower was probably the most obvious of all the clues, when it was revealed. Qeng Enterprises buys Stark Tower in the comics, and their CEO is called Mr Gryphon, aka Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang The Conquerer!

And there you have it – all the clues to Kang The Conquerer in Loki! Which ones did you spot, and did you guess Kang was going to be He Who Remains? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. […] Another thing we see is a ruined version of Avengers tower, but it’s marked ‘Qeng Enterprises’ instead of having the iconic ‘A’ on the side. After some digging, I found that this is another comic reference. During Avengers: Ultron Forever by Mark Waid, Stark Industries sold Avengers Tower to Qeng Enterprises, a company owned by a Mr Gryphon. As it turns out though, Mr Gryphon isn’t who he says he is – he’s actually Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang The Conquerer. […]


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