Renslayer Character Profile

I’ve been talking about Renslayer and how important she is to the Marvel universe, but I just realised that I’ve never made a character profile for her! I think it’s time to rectify that, don’t you?

Name: Ravonna Lexus Renslayer

Superhero Name: Terminatrix

Created By: Stan Lee

Ravonna from The All New Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A-Z

Played By: GuGu Mbatha-Raw

Powers: Skilled at hand-to-hand combat. With her suit of armour on, she can shape-shift, and use a multitude of advanced weaponry.

Mini Bio: Ravonna was born a princess, daughter of King Carelius, in an unknown kingdom under Kang The Conquerer’s rule. When Kang arrived to annex her timeline into his empire, he fell in love with her, while she hated him for what he was planning on doing.

The kingdom threatened rebellion, and Kang left it alone, in the hope of gaining Ravonna’s love. But, when the rebellion broke out, Ravonna was captured and imprisoned in a dungeon. During the battle, one of Kang’s generals found that Kang was not planning on killing Ravonna, as he had with every other kingdom he had taken over, and set out to kill Ravonna. He found her and Kang in the dungeon and went to shoot Kang, but Ravonna realised in that moment that she loved Kang and jumped in front of the shot, which hit her and sent her into a death-like coma.

Kang tried to save her, by playing a game with the Grandmaster, the prize being power to either kill the Avengers, or save Ravonna. In his anger, Kang decided to kill the Avengers, not realising that the Grandmaster revived Ravonna himself out of curiosity. When Ravonna found out that Kang did not save her when he had the chance, she swore revenge on him.

After that Ravonna mind controlled several characters, including the Fantastic Four, in an attempt to take down Kang. Each time, she failed, but she escaped. Her latest escape saw her hiding out in Nebraska, under the name Rebecca Torminet in 1961.

But, that didn’t stop her from continuing to plot revenge – taking on the name of Temptress, Ravonna convinced the Fantastic Four to enter Chronopolis, Kang’s kingdom, and fought the man under the name Terminatrix. Upon his defeat, she became ruler of Kang’s kingdom, until she grew bored and revived Kang twice. The first time was to stab him through the heart, the second was so they could fall in love and rule the kingdom together.

First Comic Appearance: Avengers issue 23 (1965)

Most Common Team Ups: The Council Of Kangs

Comic Recommendations: Avengers (1965), Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective (July 1993), Fantastic Four (1990)


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