All The Comic Easter Eggs In Loki Part One


Loki has officially been over for a week, which means I’ve had time to go through and find all the comic easter eggs hidden in the show!

Most episodes don’t have that many compared to WandaVision and Falcon And The Winter Soldier, but I’m still going to split this into two parts, simply to make it easier for you all!

Episode One

Nexus pill from WandaVision


We’re back to using the word ‘Nexus’ again! Now I’ve explained all about Nexus’ here, so I won’t go into it again, but Marvel is really doubling down with it!

Multiverse branching from Loki episode 6


As I’ve also explained here, Marvel Comics has a multiverse, and with Multiverse Of Madness dropping next year, we all knew where this show was going!

Loki in his Time Twister collar in episode 1

Time Twisters

In the Loki TV show, Time Twisters are the collars the TVA use to keep their variants in check, but in the comics, they’re actually a creation of He Who Remains, the final director of the TVA, to create a better future. But, they came out wrong and instead of helping the future, went into the past and destroyed the Earth repeatedly. The first appear in Thor issue 243 by Len Wein.

Episode Two

Sylvie reveal in episode 2

Female Loki

Another one I’ve already explained, but Loki does present female in the comics on occasion! This is because the character is genderfluid, meaning that their gender changes regularly. Now, I will say Marvel didn’t do the best job with showing this in the show, but at least we got a semi-nod to it with Sylvie.

Renslayer in the court in episode 1


Renslayer is a character from the comics, specifically, she’s a character heavily associated with Kang The Conquerer! But, in the comics, she isn’t a member of the TVA, she’s a princess from one of Kang’s nations, and the person he falls in love with.

Episode Three

Loki in episode 3 with the caption ‘a bit of both’

Bi Loki

Another reveal for the Loki series – Loki is bisexual, just as he is in the comics!

Sylvie character poster


Sylvie is an entirely different characters in the comics – she isn’t a Loki at all, she’s a human girl Loki gave powers to for unknown reasons, who goes by the name Enchantress!


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