A Guide To Kid Friendly Marvel Comics

So, you want your kids to get into Marvel Comics, so you can share your love of comics with them, or you just want encourage them to read more by giving them stories about their favourite movie characters, but you’ve got no idea where to start?

Well, I’ve got the perfect guide for you, giving you all the answers you’ll need!

As we all know, comics are for everyone, but, there’s a lot that rely on previous comic book knowledge, or are part of long runs, or are just plain not appropriate for kids. But, Marvel have made things a little bit easy for us – they’ve made an entire set of comics made just for kids!

Let’s start with the more famous heroes, to give the kids started:


Spidey: First Day by Robbie Thompson


If your kid loves Spider-Man, then definitely check out the ‘Spidey’ series. This series focuses on Peter’s younger years, with cameos from people like Iron Man and Black Panther. If you’re a life long reader, you may recognise a few of the events in Spidey too, as the series takes inspiration from the original 1960’s Stan Lee work!

Marvel Adventures: Across The Spider-Verse by Daniel Kibblesmith

Across the Spider-Verse

On the note of Spider-Man, there’s also ‘Across The Spider-Verse’ where Peter meets up with several other Spider-people! So, if you have a kid who loves Into The Spider-Verse, this will be perfect for them!

Avengers and X-Men

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers by Jeff Parker

Does your kid love the Avengers and the X-Men, or at least one of the two? Try out Marvel Adventures: The Avengers. This series combines mainstay Avengers and X-Men characters and is designed for younger readers to jump right in, without having to have decades of back story explained to them. Even the villain is familiar, as this team is facing down Ultron!

Marvel Action: Avengers by Matthew K Manning

Marvel Action: Avengers

If your kid isn’t a fan of the X-Men and just wants more of the original six, then Marvel Action: Avengers could be more their style. Again, it’s a comic designed for middle graders, and features the characters they know and love from the movies front and centre.

More Diverse Team Ups

Marvel Rising Devin Grayson

If you want your kid reading more diversely, then there’s also options, for example, there’s Marvel Rising, which you may have heard of, as it’s also a TV series and film on Disney+.

This series features characters your kids may not have seen in the main MCU yet, such as Daisy Johnson and Squirrel Girl, but this series is a fantastic read for younger audiences, filled with action and adventure!

Marvel Action: Black Panther by Vita Aayla and Kyle Baker

Marvel Action Black Panther

This one is focusing in on T’Challa and Shuri, so if you have a kid who loves Wakanda, this is a great comic to give them!

The Hero Project

The Hero Project: Hailey by Paul Allor

The Hero Project is a little different from the other comics I’ve mentioned, as these are not focusing on fictional superheroes. This series actually highlights kids from across the world who do fantastic things for their communities.

The series also has a set of documentaries on Disney+ too, if you want to know more about the children involved.

Marvel Adventures: First Day At School by Sholly Fisch

General Rules For Kid’s Comics

I could go on all day about all the different comics Marvel have especially for kids, but I’d be here forever, so instead, I’m going to give you a few rules/hints to help you navigate it all.

  1. Anything listed as ‘Marvel Superhero Adventures’ is made specifically for kids in mind, and they cover a range of characters, from Spider-Man and Ant-Man to Ms Marvel and Lockjaw. There will definitely be something for your kid in this series!
  2. Marvel Action is also made specifically for kids, and again, they cover a range of characters, and even cover big events in kid’s lives, such as going to school.
  3. Anything listed as ‘Marvel Knights’ is made specifically for adults, so steer clear if you’re shopping for your kids!
  4. Marvel have got books aimed more at teenagers too, so your kid’s don’t have to make the leap from middle grade to adult books with nothing in between. Here, I’d recommend things like Gwenpool, The Runaways and the Champions! If you would like a longer piece on teenager-friendly comics, please do let me know!

And that’s all you really need to know! It can be daunting, I know, but these comics are worth it, and made specifically with kid’s in mind, so they don’t rely on huge comic knowledge, anyone can just jump right into them without issue!

I hope this helped, and if you have any other questions, please do let me know down below in the comments, I’m more than happy to help out in any way I can!


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