Donny Cates’ Venom Reading Guide Part One

For months now, I’ve been posting updates on the King In Black event, but I’ve been waiting until now to give a full guide to Donny Cates’ Venom!

But, before I go into King In Black itself, I need to cover the lead up to it, so let’s dive right into the start of Donny Cates’ Venom run!

One really good thing about Donny Cates and Venom is that this run can be read by new and old fans alike. It references what’s come before, but it does it such a way that it feels new.

Volume 1: Rex


In the wake of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s collapse, an ancient and primordial evil has been awakened beneath the streets of New York. And with it, something equally evil has been awakened in that most wicked of web-slingers: Venom! The symbiote may still be a Lethal Protector of innocents in New York, but this never-before-seen threat could possibly force Venom to relinquish everything it holds dear – including its human host, Eddie Brock! Two of the hottest creators in comics today, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, join forces to deliver a Venom adventure a thousand years in the making! 

Volume 2: The Abyss

The Abyss

The blockbuster hit of summer 2018 continues. Eddie Brock’s alien symbiote has been disobeying its human host but the reason why only leads to new questions about the creature and its other-worldly origins.

Venom Unleashed

Venom Unleashed

Tangled tales from Venom’s deadly web. As the United States struggled through the Vietnam War, Nick Fury needed a secret weapon – and when an ancient creature was discovered at an archaeological dig site, Fury was sure he’d found it. In reality, the discovery was an ancestor of the Klyntar symbiotes… and would become a waking nightmare for a platoon of American soldiers. Then, it’s the return of the sinister symbiote off spring – Carnage. Few mourned serial killer Cletus Kasady after his recent death. But now a cult devoted to the madman has gathered, hoping to resurrect their fallen idol and return the madness of Carnage to the Marvel Universe! And prepare for more shocking stories of symbiosis as the web of Venom unravels! 

This is a series of one-shots which add some more depth to the world and lore of Venom and the other symbiotes. And while you may think that this means it isn’t essential reading, but I’d say it is if you want to read the Absolute Carnage event.

Venom: War Of The Realms

Venom: War of the Realms

Venom enters the fray in the War of the Realms. The Marvel Comics event of the year makes landfall in the world of the wicked web-slinger, as Venom gets swept up in Malekith’s campaign to take over the Ten Realms. But Malekith has designs for the sinister symbiote too… and they may prove fatal. Plus, in the depths of space, evil stirs… and a new terror has risen on the fringes of the Marvel Universe. But that’s nothing compared to the evil happening on Earth… as a twisted cult takes life after life, claiming their victims in the name of the killer called Carnage.

This ties into War Of The Realms, so I’d recommend checking that out as well, just to get the whole picture.

Absolute Carnage

Absolute Carnage

For months, the serial killer Carnage has been at the periphery of the Marvel Universe, amassing power in secret by murdering past symbiote hosts and enlisting a cult of brainwashed and bloodthirsty followers. Now, with an army at his command, Carnage is poised to write his swan song – a massive massacre the likes of which the Marvel Universe has never seen… and may not survive.

I’ll do an Absolute Carnage reading guide next week, so you can read the whole event. Also, Volume 3 of the Venom series is called ‘Absolute Carnage’ and should be read at before Volume 4: Venom Island.

Web Of Venom issue 1: Wraith

Web Of Venom: Wraith

SPINNING OUT OF THE PAGES OF VENOM AND GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! Since his appearance in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, one thing WRAITH has made perfectly clear is that he’s hunting KNULL, the God of the Symbiotes. Now, in the wastelands on the outskirts of the cosmos, he’ll have his chance to face him…

This one shot is definitely needed if you want to read King In Black!

Volume 4: Venom Island

Venom Island

Donny Cates’ VENOM epic continues in grand fashion after ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, joined by industry legend and celebrated VENOM artist Mark Bagley. That’s all you’re getting out of us for this one, True Believers! After all, ABSOLUTE CARNAGE isn’t quite over yet…

Volume 5: Venom Beyond

Venom Beyond 

When a dangerous armoured foe named Virus erupts into Venom’s life, he threatens to rip away everything Eddie Brock holds dear. His son, his symbiote  even himself! But as their battle spirals out of control, reality itself escapes Venom’s grasp  and he finds himself somewhere beyond! As if one new threat weren’t bad enough, an entirely different foe rears its monstrous head as Eddie and Dylan try to make their way through a different and highly dangerous  world. Thankfully, they enlist the help of new allies, some of whom have familiar faces  and one of whom Eddie may never want to leave! But as the full horrors of their strange surroundings and the nightmarish Codex become clear, Venom will soon have to make an impossible choice!

And that’s your lead up to King In Black! I’ll get working on an Absolute Carnage and King In Black next week so you can get going as soon as possible!


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