Who Is ‘He Who Remains’ In Loki?


We finally saw the man behind the curtain, the ruler of the TVA, He Who Remains and it was… someone who’s name was never mentioned in the show!

But, we actually do know who he is, because of his actor, and through a few clues and hints dropped by the character himself.

He calls himself ‘conquerer’, he’s associated with Renslayer, and he’s played by Johnathon Majors, who was already announced to be playing… Kang The Conquerer!

That’s right, we’ve been introduced to the villain of Ant Man And The Wasp: Quantumania a few years early, and there is a lot to cover when it comes to Kang!

Who Is Kang The Conquerer?

Kang The Conquerer is a very, very complicated wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey type character, who pops up all over Marvel comics in various forms, in various centuries, with various motives.

Think of him like the Master from Doctor Who – tricksy, usually where he shouldn’t be and causing trouble, and generally on the side of bad.

Fantastic Four: Season’s Beatings cover by Marko Djurdjevic 

Where Does He Come From?

Kang comes from the 31st century, where he is known as Nathaniel Richards (and is possibly a descendant of either Doctor Doom or Reed Richards, like I said, Kang is complicated). After becoming fascinated with Doctor Doom, Nathaniel discovers his time travel technology and goes back in time to ancient Egypt, where he became the Pharaoh Rama-Tut.

After being defeated by a time displaced Fantastic Four, Nathaniel goes to the 20th century, where he meets Doom and discovers that they may be related. He goes on to build armour similar to Doom’s, and while calling himself the Scarlet Centurion, puts the Avengers against alternate reality versions of themselves.

When the Avengers then force him from the timeline, he tries to go back to the 31st century, but overshoots by a thousand years, finding an Earth that is war torn. Using his armour, Nathaniel manages to conquerer the Earth, and then expands his reach across the galaxy, giving himself the name Kang The Conquerer.

Why Doesn’t Kang Stay In The Future?

In the future, the world is dying, so Kang decides to go back in time to take over a more fertile Earth.

Doctor Doom cover by Salvador Larroca

What Has This Got To Do With Ravonna Renslayer?

Ravonna is a very different character in the comics – she has nothing to do with the TVA, Loki, or anyone of the sort.

Instead, Ravonna is a princess of one of Kang’s subject kingdoms. Kang falls for her, and while she does not return his feelings, he still tries to impress her. To do this, his kidnaps the Avengers and subdues them with the help of his army.

When the army revolts, Kang freed the Avengers and they fought on the same side to stop the rebellion. The team was successful, but Ravonna was mortally wounded when she leapt in front of a blast to save Kang. Ravonna was then placed into stasis, in the hope to one day save her.

Young Avengers cover by Jim Cheung

What Other Names Does He Go By?

Kang has gone by many names over the years, here’s a few I haven’t mentioned so far:

Iron Lad: A teenaged version of Kang, who comes to the 21st century to create the Young Avengers team to stop his future self from becoming Kang.

Immortus: An older version of Kang, who is given immortality by the Time Keepers of the TVA, in exchange for preserving the timeline, instead of ruling it. This version of Kang is also the Lord of Limbo, where the ‘normal’ Kang can usually be found hiding.

Where Can I Read More About Him?

Avengers issue 8 by Stan Lee (1964), Doctor Doom by Christopher Cantwell (2019), Young Avengers by Allan Heinberg (2005). He turns up in a lot of other comics, but I think these cover some good ground for him.

And that’s everything I want to cover in this post! I’ll definitely be going into more detail when Ant Man And The Wasp: Quantumania comes out, but for now, I hope this helped you understand Kang that bit more! If you have any questions about the character, please do leave them down below and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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