Loki Variants In Marvel Comics


Okay, with that out of the way, can I just ask – who else had a damn heart attack at that ending?! I was on the FLOOR with panic! Thank the Asgardian Gods for end credit scenes!

And speaking of end credit scenes – we finally saw some more Loki variants! They’ve been hinted at in previous episodes, specially when Mobius was talking about the amount of Loki’s the TVA have hunted down over the years, but up until now, Sylvie was the only one we truly met.

But now, we have a few more. So, who are they? And who else may appear in episode 5 and 6, and possibly in the future of the MCU?

Kid Loki

Journey Into Mystery cover by Stephanie Hans

Kid Loki is causing the most hype on twitter after his appearance in episode 4’s post credit scene, and for good reason! Kid Loki is one of the most popular incarnations of Loki in Marvel comics. He came about after the Siege event (reading guide coming in July) when Loki gets his name removed from the book of the dead. He then ‘sacrificed’ himself, only to be reborn as a child, with no memory of who he was before. Thor discovers him and brings him back to Asgard, where he is mistrusted and treated as if he is still evil, despite his (reasonably) good deeds.

King Loki

Cover by Sebastian Fiumara and Travel Foreman

King Loki is exactly what it says on the tin – he’s Loki, King Of Asgard! Back in 2004, Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic wrote a comic series called Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers, where Loki defeated Thor and won the throne of Asgard – only to have Hela demand Thor’s soul.

President Loki

Vote Loki cover by Langdon Foss

In 2016, Loki ran for President Of The United States – yes, you did read that right, Loki ran for US President. The comic was meant to be a satire against the 2016 presidential election, and won a lot of fan’s hearts in the process! And, also, luckily for us, we already know that this version is turning up in the Loki tv series, thanks to the Loki trailers!

Lady Loki

Image by Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales

We’ve got Sylvie, but seeing as she said in episode 4 that she was born the Goddess Of Mischief, I’m still holding out hope for a female presenting Loki who is genderfluid, just like in the comics. Loki goes by Loki, no matter what their gender identity is, and we have been told that we are going to explore Loki’s gender fluidity in the show, so hopefully we’ll see a female presenting Lady Loki variant somewhere.

God Of Stories

God Who Fell To Earth cover by Jan Bazaldua

The God Of Stories a little difficult to explain, but I’ll give it a go: In Kieron Gillen’s Journey Into Mystery, and Al Ewing’s Agent Of Asgard, kid Loki refuses to go down the same villainous past he’s always walked. Instead, he ends up sacrificing himself for the greater good, and the spirit of the evil Loki tries to take over his body. The two combine and create the God Of Stories instead. He’s still Loki, he still lies and cheats, but he’s on a more heroic path, which is explored more in The God Who Fell To Earth by Daniel Kibblesmith.

Classic Loki

Journey Into Mystery cover by Jack Kirby

Classic Loki is another confirmed variant in the show – he’s seen briefly in episode 4’s end credit scene, played by Richard E Grant! Classic Loki is the most evil version of Loki – he’s vicious, conniving, he’s tortured and tried to kill Thor multiple times. He’s also the version who tried to possess kid Loki, so to say the least, he’s rather evil! The reason why he’s ‘Classic Loki’ is because he’s the original version, created by Stan Lee all those years ago, at the start of Marvel Comics.

And that’s the variants that are either confirmed/could possibly appear in Loki/future MCU projects! I’ll go into more detail in separate blog posts when each variant appears, but for now, I hope this is a good starting point for you all!

Who’s your favourite variant? And who would you love to see most in the MCU? Let me know in the comments below!


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