Who Is Lady Loki?


Loki episode 2 ended on a shocking moment – the Loki variant is female!

But, who is she? Is she really Loki? Is she in the comics? And what exactly does this mean for Loki’s identity?

Who Is Lady Loki?

Lady Loki, is, simple, Loki in female form. She retains all of Loki’s memories and personality traits, their powers, and everything else – she is literally Loki, just in female form.

Sophia Di Martino as Loki

Is She In The Comics?

Yes, Lady Loki has made a fair few appearances in the Marvel Comics Universe. She was first introduced in 2008, where Loki had been reborn after Ragnarok. The character, like I said above, had all of male Loki’s memories and personality, and while it took a little while for people (apart from Thor, who accepted right away) to adjust, she went by she/her pronouns and presented female for a long time.

Which Comics Is She In?

After her resurrection, Lady Loki appeared in several events, mainly Dark Reign, New Avengers and Original Sin. She also makes appearances in the Loki: Agent of Asgard series and A-Force volume 1.

image by Lee Garbett

Does This Have A Basis In Norse Myth?

It does! During the time that these myths were made, they didn’t have the same language as we do now, so Loki is not strictly known as genderfluid in Norse tales. But, they have many escapades which do code the character to be genderfluid.

If you want to read more up on this, I’d check out this page, where they go into more detail.

What Does This Mean For Loki’s Identity?

It simply means that Loki is genderfluid, which means a person who does not identify as having a fixed gender. That means that Loki (and real life genderfluid people too) have different gender identities at different times, meaning that they can identify as male one day, and female the next, or a combination, or feel like none at all.

Image by Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales

Personally, I am not genderfluid, so I am not the right person to give full details on this, for more information I’d recommend looking at this website here to start with, and go from there in your research.

So, essentially, Loki is Loki, regardless of their gender and pronouns. They have the same name, the same memories, the same trickster nature. They are always, and forever, Loki.

I hope this helped explain a bit more about this development for Loki – if I have got any information wrong about genderfluidity, or you have any resources on it, please do leave them down below!


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