All The Marvel Comic Easter Eggs In Falcon And The Winter Soldier – Part Two


Falcon And The Winter Soldier, or should I say, Captain America And The Winter Soldier has officially been over for a week, but I’ve still got some stuff to share with you! Mainly, the comic book easter eggs!

Like the first half of the series, there isn’t that many, but there’s still a few worth mentioning, so let’s get into it!

Episode 4

Walker killing a man in cold blood

John Walker doesn’t just kill a man in the TV show, during Mark Gruenwald’s Captain America run, he kills a man in cold blood.

White Wolf

Marvel didn’t invent the name White Wolf for the Cinematic Universe – The White Wolf is actually a comic book character! But, the comic version has never been Bucky. In the comics, the White Wolf is a man named Hunter – as a child, his plan crashed outside the Wakandan border, and King T’Chaka brought him in and raised him. Hunter grew up and took on the name White Wolf, and became a defender of Wakanda.

To read more on him, check out Christopher Priest’s 1999 Black Panther run!

Episode 5


To say the least, Val is an interesting character, one who could really bring some amazing things to the MCU.

To keep things short (though, if you want a full character profile, please do let me know!), Val is originally an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., who even impressed Nick Fury with her combat skills. During Secret Invasion, she is revealed to have a Skrull imposter, and during Secret Warriors, she is rescued from the Skrull’s, but is then revealed that she is a Russian mole for Leviathan. During this event, she also becomes Madam Hydra.

With Secret Invasion coming to Disney+ in the next few years, and the rumour that Val is going to appear in Black Widow (where Natasha is trying to stop the Russian based Red Room), this character is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Keep the wings

Less of an Easter Egg, more of a confirmation of a plot point I’ve already mentioned, but it’s worth saying again after this episode.

In the comics, Torres becomes the Falcon when Sam becomes Captain America. Now, Sam has become Captain America, and he told Torres to keep the Falcon wings. So, it’s looking likely that Torres will be suiting up soon, be it for season two, or for Captain America 4!

Episode 6

US Agent

In the finale, Val calls John ‘US Agent’ and that is exactly what John goes by in the comics. With this reveal, I somehow don’t think this’ll be the last we’ll see of John!

Comic accurate costumes

As with John as US Agent, and Wanda in Wandavision, Sam finally got a comic accurate costume! If you look up Nick Spencer’s run, or, any Sam as Cap comics, you’ll notice that Sam’s new costume is nearly identical. I know some people don’t like it, but I am loving this look on him, and loving all these new accurate costumes in the MCU!

And that’s all the Easter Eggs I’ve found! What have you seen in Falcon And The Winter Soldier? Tell me in the comments down below!

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