Sam Wilson As Captain America Comics Recommendations


With the finale of Falcon And The Winter Soldier now out in the world, there’s only one way to celebrate our new Captain America – by sharing a list of all of his comics!

So, if you’ve wondering just what Sam gets up to as Captain America in Marvel Comics, you’ve come to the right place!

How Sam Became Captain America

Captain America: The Iron Nail by Rick Remender

Thrust into a bizarre, inhospitable world far from home, the all-new, high-adventure, mind-melting, tough-as-nails, sci-fi, pulp-fantasy era of Captain America starts NOW! Arnim Zola’s ambitions leave Captain America stranded in the upside-down territory known as Dimension Z. With no country and no allies, what’s left for the Sentinel of Liberty to protect? Just the one thing his foe values most: Zola’s son! Steve has saved the boy’s life, but can he keep him alive against the savage barbarians of Phrox — with the fate of a world hinging on his victory? And when Zola’s terrible experiments on the indigenous creatures give birth to a terrible new foe, the Odd War of Dimension Z begins! No flesh escapes the Patchwork!

To get to Sam as Captain America, you should probably read why he took on the mantle. The reason is here, in Rick Remender’s Captain America series. This is set after the events of AvX, so essentially, after the Avengers and X-Men go to war after House Of M. If you don’t want to read all of it (which I would encourage you do, but hey, you do you!), I’d at the very least read Captain America: The Iron Nail.

Taking Up The Shield

Sam Wilson, Captain America: Not My Captain America by Nick Spencer

When Steve Rogers was restored to his natural age, he chose one of his closest and most trusted allies to take up his shield: Sam Wilson, formerly the Avenger known as the Falcon! But Sam isn’t Steve — and after recent events, he’s on the outs with both his old friend and S.H.I.E.L.D. What could have sent the high flying new Cap’s approval rating plummeting so dramatically? Things get slithery when the vile Sons of the Serpent make the scene, and you’ll howl at the glorious return of fan-favourite Cap-Wolf — well, Fal-Cap-Wolf! But what other horrors await in the dungeon of Doctor Malus? And who will be the All-New, All-Different Falcon? The headline-making Sam Wilson is a Captain America for today!

Now that you’ve found out why Sam is Cap, it’s time to see what he does with the title. For this, you’re going to want to read Nick Spencer’s run, which explores Sam as Captain America, the problems he faces with the title, and what he does with it compared to Steve Rogers. This series also ties into Avengers: Standoff and the Secret Empire story, so please be warned that you will be seeing Hydra!Steve, or at least hints of it as you go through. It also ties into Civil War II, so be prepared to also read that event too, as Sam’s tie in issues do lead to major spoilers.

I will put a small trigger warning here though: This story was clearing written during the Trump presidency, so there is a lot of racist speech, talk of protecting the boarders from Mexicans, and such like. If you are at all triggered by these types of things, please be warned going into this series, it, like the Falcon And The Winter Soldier TV show, does not hold back when it comes to talking about racism.

Other Sam-As-Cap Stories

To be honest, Sam didn’t spend that much time as Cap, so there isn’t that much else to talk about! If more stories come out, inspired by the TV show, I’ll be sure to update this section, but for now, there’s only two stories to talk about:

All New Captain America: Fear Him by Dennis Hopeless

A hungry villain has returned to feed on the city’s fear! It’s up to the All-New Captain America and Nomad to curb the Scarecrow’s appetite…a task that might be easier if the dysfunctional duo weren’t always at each other’s throats! While the Scarecrow and his army of terror crows do their worst, Cap and Nomad find themselves separated, one step behind the villain’s fearsome plans. But when the Scarecrow’s terror pheromone takes Captain America’s mind, it’s Nomad’s last stand! What does it take to scare a man who grew up in a dimension of boogeymen? And can he bring Cap back to his senses before his mind is lost to fear forever? Plus: classic tales of terror starring the Scarecrow and Sam Wilson!

This relies rather heavily on having knowledge of Ian Rogers, Steve Rogers’ adopted son (if you’ve read the Rick Remender stuff I mentioned earlier, you’ll know who he is), and the villain Scarecrow (essentially he can create fear in anyone and has an army of crows). It’s not very well loved by readers, so it’s up to you if you want to give it a go.

All New Captain America: Hydra Ascendant by Rick Remender

The spy-fi, high-flying adventures of Sam Wilson — the all-new Captain America — begin here! Hydra has infiltrated society completely, but why? Cap’s new partnership with Nomad is tested as they race to uncover the Sect of the Unknown, but Hydra gathers Steve Rogers’ old rogues’ gallery to take down the new heroes! The all-new Captain America battles Sin and Baron Blood, and uncovers the new Hydra’s ultimate goal — but is it too late? Millions of innocent souls hang in the balance — but broken and nearly dead from Hydra’s gauntlet, can Cap stop the Great Leveling? In the face of Zemo’s atrocities, Sam Wilson will earn his stripes — make the single greatest sacrifice of his life — and he will never be the same again. The stage is set for the Age of Hydra!

But, if you do love the Sam and Ian team up, then try Hydra Ascendant!

And that’s everything I’ve got on Sam Wilson as Captain America! If you want any other recommendations, then let me know and I’ll get to work on it throughout May!


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