Torres Character Profile

Name: Joaquin Torres

Superhero Name: Falcon

Created By: Nick Spencer

Image by Paul Renaud

Played By: Danny Ramirez

Powers: Human/Bird/Vampire hybrid, Flight, Healing Factor, Psychic link with Redwing and Sam Wilson

Mini Bio: Torres has a very, very different story in the comics to what he does in the TV show. For starters, we meet him at seventeen years old, as a resident of Sonoita, Arizona. Torres had crossed the US at six years old, and so knew of the hardships others faced while crossing the boarder. To help out, he used to leave supplies, such as water, food and medicine for boarder crossers.

But, while doing this, Torres was kidnapped by the Sons Of The Serpent, and sent to Karl Malus, a scientist fascinated in creating superhuman powers by any means necessary. Sam Wilson, as Captain America, found out that Torres was missing and set out to find him, by which point it was too late – Malus had already run experiments on Torres. The result was that Torres was now a Human/Bird hybrid, after being bonded with Redwing, Sam Wilson’s falcon.

After being rescued, Sam took Torres in and tried to find a cure for him. But, because of Redwing’s vampiric nature (yes, you did read that right, Redwing is wildly different in the comics, let me know if you’d like me to do a whole post on Redwing!), they could not revert Torres back to full human.

Joaquin went on to help Sam take down the Sons Of The Serpent, and became his sidekick, taking on the title of Falcon.

First Comic Appearance: Sam Wilson, Captain America issue 1 (October 2015)

Most Common Team Ups: Champions and Captain America

Comic Recommendations: Sam Wilson, Captain America, Champions volume 2 by Mark Waid and Outlawed volume 1 by Eve Ewing

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