All The Marvel Comic Easter Eggs In Falcon And The Winter Soldier Part One


I did Easter Egg posts for WandaVision, so obviously I was going to continue it for Falcon And The Winter Soldier! And, there’s no better time to post this than Easter Sunday!

Falcon And The Winter Soldier doesn’t have as many Easter Eggs as WandaVision, and its references are certainly more obvious, but it’s definitely worth pointing them out, as it’s giving us clues as to where the series could possibly go!

Episode 1


Torres isn’t a character created specifically for the show – he’s actually from the comics! I’ll give him a full character profile in a few weeks time, but in short: Torres becomes Falcon when Sam becomes Captain America. Seeing as this whole series is focusing on Sam and the iconic shield, and Torres has been introduced, it’s likely that this comic storyline will turn up on screen soon.

John Walker

Less of an Easter Egg, more of a comic adaption moment, but I’m mentioning it anyway. John Walker is a character called US Agent in the comics – and does become Captain America at one point too. To find out more about him, check out my character profile here.

Episode 2

Karli Morganthau

Karli is technically in the comics, but she comes in a different form – specifically, comic Karli is actually Karl, a solo villain who goes by Flag Smasher.

Power Brokers

The mysterious Power Broker is also a character from the comics – essentially, he gives people powers, for a price. In fact, he actually gave John Walker Super Soldier Serum in the comics! For more information, check out my blog post about him here.

Isaiah Bradley

Isaiah is a recently new addition to the Captain America story, but an incredibly important one. His story is very similar to what was shown in the episode – Isaiah was experimented on with Super Soldier Serum, and after the war, he was imprisoned for his ‘crimes’ of stealing Cap’s suit and shield. I have a guide to his full story here.

Eli Bradley

Eli Bradley, Isaiah Bradley’s grandson, was shown briefly in episode 2. In fact, I don’t think he was even named in the episode, but he is also another comic book character. In fact, Eli is a Young Avenger – a team of teenagers, including Wiccan (Billy, Wanda’s son), Stature (Cassie Lang, Scott Lang’s daughter), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop, being introduced in the Hawkeye TV show) and several others, all of whom have been introduced/are being introduced in Phase 4. Eli goes by Patriot and leads the team in their various missions. Seeing as all these characters are being introduced, it’s highly likely that the Young Avengers are coming!


Hoskins, aka Battlestar, is another comic character! Like his TV counterpart, he’s a friend to John Walker, and is in fact one of his stooges on his rallies. They’ve changed things up a bit in the show, but it’s certainly interesting to see him appear alongside John.

Episode 3

Baron Zemo and his mask

Baron Zemo appears at last! Obviously, we’ve known him as Zemo for the last few years, since Civil War, but in this episode, he reveals that he’s actually a Baron, just like his comic counterpart. He also finally picks up his iconic purple mask from the comics, he hasn’t properly donned it yet, but it’s certainly coming!


Possibly my favourite Easter Egg – Madripoor! The island is similar to the comic version, as in it’s a lawless land, filled with the extremely rich and the extremely poor. To find out more, check out my guide to Madripoor.

Smiling Tiger

Sam’s undercover name was Conrad Mack, aka Smiling Tiger, and he’s also a comic character! Smiling Tiger is an incredibly rare character, who hasn’t turned up in many issues at all, so not a lot is known about him. Still, it’s a really cool little Easter Egg for comic fans!


The final shot of the episode was of Ayo – a member of the Dora Milaje of Wakanda! If she looks familiar, it’s because she also appeared in Civil War (the woman who said to Natasha ‘move, or you will be moved’), and Black Panther. As far as I remember, she’s never been mentioned by name in the films, but she certainly will be now!

And that’s all my Easter Eggs from the first three episode’s of Falcon And The Winter Soldier! What’s your favourite so far? Let me know in the comments!


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