What Is Marvel’s Madripoor?


A very, very exciting thing happened today in Falcon And The Winter Soldier – they went to Madripoor!

But, what is Madripoor? And why is it important? Your answers are right here!

What is Madripoor?

Madripoor is an island from the Marvel Comic (and Cinematic) Universe. It was originally run by pirates, and has continued being a safe haven for criminals, given that it doesn’t allow other nations to extradite people.

Where is it?

Madripoor is located in Southeast Asia, somewhere between Singapore and Sumatra.

Who lives there?

A lot of Marvel characters have lived in Madripoor over the years, especially mutants after Mystique once tried to turn the island into a mutant haven.

Some of the more famous residents over the years have included: Madame Hydra, Daken, Magneto, Mystique, Beast, Angel, Cyclops, Iceman and Jessica Drew.

Madripoor, as seen in Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 3

Why is Madripoor important?

Madripoor has been used as a location for many Marvel Comic battles, but more importantly, it’s been used by the Mutants a lot. As in, they’ve even had an X-Mansion set up on the island, as the island has generally been accepting of mutant-kind, and does not allow extradition with other nations. Because of this, who knows who else is living there right now, we know Sharon’s been hanging around the island for a while, but who knows who else!

How does it affect the MCU?

Given Madripoor’s close ties to the X-Men, I’ve got a feeling that this could be another bit of ground work for the Mutants turning up in the MCU!

Also, fun fact: there is actually a dragon underneath Madripoor in the comics, which attracts the Hand to the island. We all know about the Hand thanks to Daredevil and Iron Fist, and we’ll probably see more of them in Shang-Chi. It’s entirely possible that this is going to tie everything together, and maybe even provide a reason to bring back Matt Murdock… Or at least, I hope it does!

What’s your theories, how do you think Madripoor will affect the MCU going forward? Do you have any other questions about Madripoor? Leave them all in the comments!

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