John Walker Character Profile


Name: John Walker

Superhero Name: US Agent

Created By: Mark Gruenwald, Paul Neary

Image by Daniel Acuna

Played By: Wyatt Russell

Powers: Superhuman strength, agility and reaction time, trained combatant, use of indestructible shield and firearms.

Mini Bio: John Walker was born in Georgia, and grew up idolising his older brother Mike, who was a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, Mike died in the conflict in 1974, but this didn’t deter John from signing up for the military. John ended up serving during peacetime, and, dissatisfied with not being seen as a hero, he left the army.

After being discharged, John was told by a friend about the Power Broker, a mysterious man who could give people powers. John and his friends found him and were given treatments which gave them superhuman abilities, such as super strength.

Having gained powers, John set himself up as Super-Patriot, a corporate sponsored hero who travelled the country, holding patriotic rallies. John was very critical of Captain America at these rallies, and even staged fights with supposed Captain America fans. When Steve himself confronted him about this, John attacked Steve, and they two found that they were nearly equally matched in a fight.

After Steve hung up the suit, John was asked to become the next Captain America, and he hesitantly accepted. While he proved to be a good fighter, John’s lack of emotional control lead him to be a more brutal hero, which lead to him beating someone to death.

Eventually, John persuaded Steve Rogers to take up the mantel again, and the government decided to give John a brand new identity. They also hypnotised him into forgetting that he was ever Captain America, US Agent, or any other hero, to try and curb his more violent tendencies.

First Comic Appearance: Captain America issues 323 (November 1986)

Most Common Team Ups: Mighty Avengers, Secret Defenders, West Coast Avengers

Comic Recommendations: Captain America: The Captain by Mark Gruenwald, West Coast Avengers: Vision Quest by John Byrne, US Agent by Christopher Priest


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