24th March Marvel Comic Releases

This week we’re light on single issues, but there’s a lot of bind ups to go round!

Single Issues:

King In Black: Scream by Clay McLeod Chapman

•  Andi Benton has faced other symbiotes before, but never has she faced the power and might of KNULL himself!
•  Does SCREAM have what it takes to put a dent in Knull’s symbiotic armour?
•  Or is this the end for SCREAM?

The next series start in the King In Black Event! My advice for this is to at the very least read Absolute Carnage and the main King In Black event (both by Donny Cates) before diving into this.

Carnage: Black White And Black by Tini Howard, Al Ewing and Ben Percy

Witness the cerebral chaos caused by CARNAGE, brought to life by some of the greatest creators at Marvel!
But beware, True Believers, true to their titular character’s namesake, these spine-chilling tales are not for the faint of heart and presented in BLACK, WHITE AND BLOOD!

Another comic supposed to come out at the same time as a film, but Covid got in the way! This is a one-off comic run, which is set outside of main Marvel comic continuity, so you can easily dive into this without having to read a tonne of other things first!

Bind Ups:

X-Men Inferno Omnibus by Louise Simonson

The entire incendiary epic in one red-hot hardcover! When mad geneticist Mister Sinister and the demonic N’astirh set their respective master plans in motion, an Inferno engulfs the Marvel Universe! The flames are fanned as Sinister’s Marauders attack the X-Men, while a demonic horde preys upon the helpless, horrified populace of New York – and Illyana Rasputin battles for her soul! But it is Cyclops’ estranged wife Madelyne Pryor, now the Goblin Queen, who might turn the Earth into a hellish wasteland! The X-Men, X-Factor and New Mutants face their most harrowing ordeal – and the fires are fought by Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Avengers and more!

The giant bind up of the entire run in one place!

X-Men Epic Collection: Sentinels Live by Gary Friedrich

Professor X is dead! The X-Men have gone their separate ways! In the late 1960s, searching for a way to reinvigorate its poorest-selling super heroes, Marvel was trying anything and everything. With the title on the verge of cancellation, writer Roy Thomas and artist Neal Adams suddenly clicked – and the rest is history! Their epic evolution of the X-Men defines the team to this day. Adams’ lavish and dynamic visuals and Thomas’ challenging and contemporary stories combined in a book that throbbed with the pulse of the times. Their iconic stories collected here introduce Cyclops’ brother Havok, the vampiric villain Sauron, the Savage Land Mutates and X-Man-to-be Sunfire! Not to mention the Living Pharaoh, a classic team-up with Ka-Zar…and don’t forget the return of Magneto!

If you’re trying to catch up with the X-Men continuity, or just want to see the X-Men evolve, then this is the bind up to buy!

Marvel Masterworks: Iron Man Volume 13 by David Michelinie

Many have lent their talents to IRON MAN, but few – if any – have had a greater impact than the creative trio of David Michelinie, Bob Layton and John Romita Jr. has! They remade IRON MAN with new co-stars – including Jim Rhodes, the future War Machine – and new armours, but more important than anything else, a new and character-defining take on the man inside the armour. Their Tony Stark is a hero not because of the extent of his technological wizardry, but because of his perseverance in the face of his own personal failings. This beautifully restored Marvel Masterworks edition presents the beginning of the reinvention of a Marvel icon, culminating in the classic “Demon in a Bottle”!

Collecting some of Iron Man’s earliest stories! You’re definitely going to want to read the first 12 volumes before picking this up – but luckily, they don’t have names, just volume numbers, so it’s easy to pick up.

Marvel Masterworks: Dazzler Volume 2 by Danny Fingeroth, Steven Grant

Dazzler stormed to the top of the charts with her debut! Now she’s back with more sights and sounds from the early ’80s! The Women of Marvel join together as She-Hulk and Spider-Woman stand by the Dazzler’s side to fight the good fight – but soon the X-Men’s Angel flies into Dazzler’s life, sweeping her off her feet and into the air. Can romance bloom between two of Marvel’s most exciting mutants? But love will have to take a backseat when the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants show up to put Dazzler in her place: Mystique, Destiny and – in some of her earliest key appearances – Rogue! All this, plus appearances by the Fantastic Four, Power Man and Iron Fist, and a WHAT IF? rarity!

If you’re looking for Dazzler specific runs, this is definitely something to check out! Just like with Iron Man above, you’ll want the previous volume before reading this one!

Marvel Portfolio: Peach Momoko

Japanese sensation Peach Momoko has wowed comic book collectors with beautifully rendered variant covers that leap off the shelves! Momoko’s work includes incredible portraits of many of Marvel’s most powerful heroes, including Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen, the Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Doctor Strange and Venom! Now Marvel proudly presents twelve gorgeous, full-colour reproductions of some of Momoko’s most eye-catching works from the House of Ideas – all in a stunning hardcover case!

Perfect for fans of Peach’s artwork!

Fantastic Four Epic Collection: Master Plan Of Doom by Stan Lee


Lee and Kirby set the standard for out-of-this-world imaginative adventure and launched the Marvel Universe in the pages of FANTASTIC FOUR. Now, with all the MU super hero players in place, it’s time for the FF to run the gauntlet! The Thing throws down with the Hulk in a battle so huge it takes the combined might of the FF and the Avengers to stop it! The Sub-Mariner makes a play for Sue Storm! The FF tangle with the X-Men! Nick Fury drops by in the story that set the table for “Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.”! And even Doctor Strange makes an ever-so-astral appearance! Plus: Two jam-packed annuals featuring Sub-Mariner’s invasion of New York…and the origin of Doctor Doom!

The first in this Epic Collection is called The Master Plan Of Doctor Doom, and you’ll definitely need to read that first.

Avengers Gathering Omnibus by Bob Harras


One of the most shocking stories in Avengers history! When the Swordsman returns from the dead with the mysterious Magdalene by his side, a sprawling saga begins – and at its heart stands the shadowy Proctor! What is his great secret? Who are his mysterious Gatherers? And what do they want with the Vision, the Black Knight and the Eternal known as Sersi? Meanwhile, the Avengers deal with Kree terrorists, the Legion of the Unliving and a traitor in their midst – as the Black Knight finds himself torn between Sersi and his teammate Crystal! And can the X-Men help the Avengers stop a mutant/human civil war before Proctor begins his final gathering?

Definitely not a comic for beginners, but, if you’re looking at collecting classic comics, then this is something to look at. If you do want to go into this and are new to comics, at the very least I’d look up the Eternals and the Kree.

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s on your pull list?

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