Winter Soldier Character Profile

Happy Falcon and The Winter Soldier day! It’s time for some character profiles for Sam and Bucky!

Name: James Buchanan Barnes, or Bucky for short

Superhero Name: The Winter Soldier, Captain America

Created By: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby (Bucky) Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting (Winter Soldier)

Image by Gabriele Dell-Oto

Played By: Sebastian Stan

Powers: Superhuman strength, enhanced reaction time, energy projection, EMP discharger, holographic projector (through the metal arm)

Mini Bio: Bucky was born in 1925 into a military family. When his father was killed at the beginning of World War II, Bucky was unofficially adopted by the US Army Camp LeHigh and became their camp mascot. During this time, he met Steve Rogers, and after extensive training, was made his partner in the field, despite being 15 at the time.

During their last mission, Steve and Bucky were assigned to stop a drone plane, sent by Baron Zemo. Bucky tried to defuse the bomb, but it exploded before he had time. He was thought to be killed in action, and Steve fell into the ice, where he remained in suspended animation for decades.

Bucky then returned in 2005, when it was revealed that he had not died on that mission, that instead he had been recovered by a Russian general and brought into Department X as an assassin. He was given his cybernetic arm and sent out on various missions throughout the decades. When not in use, he was cryogenically frozen, and so only aged a few years in that time.

Captain America eventually manages to track him down and Bucky regains his memories. Overwhelmed by guilt, he disappeared for several years, before asking for employment with Nick Fury, who accepts.

During Civil War, Steve Rogers is killed, and Bucky takes it upon himself to get revenge on Tony Stark, who started Civil War. But, when he read a letter sent by Steve, he instead takes on the mantel of Captain America.

Bucky eventually drops the mantel and the shield after being put on trial for his crimes as the Winter Soldier and being found guilty. He returns to the name of Winter Soldier, where he has remained a secret ever since.

First Comic Appearance: As Bucky: Captain America Comics 1 (March 1941). As the Winter Soldier: Captain America 1 (January 2005)

Most Common Team Ups: Avengers, Department X, Thunderbolts, US Army

Comic Recommendations: Captain America Complete Collection by Ed Brubaker, Death of Captain America by Ed Brubaker, Falcon And The Winter Soldier by Derek Landy


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