All The Comic Easter Eggs In WandaVision Part Three


WandaVision has officially ended as of a few hours ago, which means it’s time for the final part of my comic easter egg series! It’s a shorter post this time, as there’s less references in the final episodes, but there’s still some good ones to talk about!

Episode 7

Stan Lee licence plate

Stan Lee licence plate in Episode 7

This was an incredible subtle reference, but a good one. See those numbers at the top of the licence plate? That’s the date of Stan Lee’s birthday!


Nexus tablet in Episode 7

I’ve spoken about the Nexus before, but I’m mentioning it again here because it is a comic book reference. In short, the Nexus is the corridor between worlds, and in the comics, Wanda is a Nexus Being aka the keystone for the universe she lives in. This didn’t pan into something more in the show (I’m holding out for more on this in Multiverse Of Madness), but it’s still a cool easter egg to chuck in!


Agatha’s reveal in Episode 7/8

The entire fandom called it – Agnes the nosey neighbour was Agatha All Along (nope, I’m not sorry if I just got the song in your head!). In the comics, Agatha is a centuries old witch who works as a mentor to Wanda!

Monica Powers Up

Monica gains powers in Episode 7

Monica also powered up in this episode and finally took on her powers! In the comics, she can manipulate energy, including turning herself into electromagnetic energy, and goes by either Photon or Spectrum. We currently don’t know which name she will go by, but I’m certainly excited to find out in Captain Marvel 2!

Episode 8

Vision Disassembled

Disassembled Vision in Episode 8

A direct adaption from West Coast Avengers number 43/44 – where Wanda discovers that Vision has been kidnapped by the government and disassembled.

White Vision

White Vision by Episode 8

White Vision follows on directly from him being disassembled by the government in West Coast Avengers.

House Of M-esque reality building.

Wanda’s reality building powers in Episode 8

When Wanda builds the Westview house and creates the Hex, her powers directly reference the House Of M comic, when Wanda rewrites reality!

Scarlet Witch

Wanda’s Scarlet Witch vision in Episode 8

We finally heard Wanda’s superhero name! We finally heard her be called the Scarlet Witch, just like her comic counterpart!

Episode 9

Wanda’s outfit

Wanda’s new outfit in Episode 9

We got comic accurate costumes(ish) in Episode 6, but Episode 9 brought the real comic accurate Scarlet Witch outfit! The costume designer has changed it up a bit, but the scarlet colour, the headdress… it’s all there!


The Darkhold shown in Episode 8

Fans of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have already heard of the Darkhold, but those who haven’t watched it (which you should, the show is amazing!), the Darkhold is an ancient, magical book written by an Elder God known as Chthon. It’s filled with dark spells, and corrupts anyone who reads it. I’ll explain more about the Darkhold over the weekend, so keep your eyes pealed for more soon!

And that’s everything in terms of comic book references in the last three episodes of WandaVision! What did you notice? Let me know in the comments!

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