Who Is Marvel’s White Vision?


WandaVision episode 8 was proven to be another shocking, plot twisting, episode. We had our first use of the name ‘Scarlet Witch’, the introduction to Chaos Magic, and, in the end, we saw what Hayward was up to: activating White Vision.

But, just what is White Vision? Read on to find out!

what is white vision?

Essentially, White Vision is Vision, but without his emotions, or his humanity. His skin changed colours due to damage done to his body in the events leading up to White Vision.

How did this happen?

In the comics, specifically West Coast Avengers: Vision Quest by John Byrne, Vision is kidnapped by the US government and dismantled.

The Avengers eventually recover him and Hank Pym rebuilds him, but the person whose brain waves Vision’s bran was based on refused to give them again (see more on Vision’s origins here), which resulted in Vision losing all his emotions and empathy.

As White Vision, he does not see himself as a husband to Wanda, or as the father of Billy and Tommy. This, and the discovery that Billy and Tommy had the fragments of Mephisto’s soul inside them (and their subsequent absorption into Mephisto himself) caused Wanda and Vision to break up.

Does vision ever recover?

Yes, he does. Vision gains a slight bit more emotion after adopting the brainwaves of a deceased scientist, eventually he gains full emotions again, but never forgives Wanda for the events of Avengers Disassembled and House Of M.

What could this mean for wandavision?

Anything, really! We know that Hayward has activated White Vision to take down Wanda and the Hex, and that’s about it currently.

But, my best guess is that this is going to end with Hex-Vision (Wanda’s creation) fighting White Vision, possibly with Wanda having to step in and kill White Vision.

Other than that, I’ve only got one other thing to add – Hayward called Vision a sentient weapon. He’s mentioned weaponry and sentience before, so I’m going to put this out there – what if White Vision is the start of the sentinel programme in the MCU? Hayward is clearly heading that way, and clearly also hates powered people – what if he decides to create sentinels, and he’s the MCU version of Trask?

What do you think? Let me know down below – I’d love to discuss this some more!

If you have any questions, about anything related to WandaVision, please also leave those down below and I’ll do my best to answer!

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