23rd February Marvel Comic Releases

This New Comic Book Day is a little short on releases, but there’s several things to get excited about!

Single Issues:

Captain Marvel: Marvel Snapshots by Mark Waid

A team of heroes fights a stirring battle for the safety of the planet. A young woman struggles with desperation and despair, trying to cope in the modern world. But that’s only the beginning. Superstar creators MARK WAID (Kingdom Come, FANTASTIC FOUR) and COLLEEN DORAN (SPIDER-MAN, A Distant Soil) tell a tale of inspiration within inspiration, as we see how the world’s marvels have inspired others – and how they’ve been inspired themselves. Featuring Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and a few surprises.

As the synopsis says, this is a snapshot, showing how Captain Marvel has inspired others in the Marvel Universe! To read this, you only need to know the basics about Captain Marvel!

Marvels Voices Legacy by Ho Che Anderson, Danny Lore and more

Black Panther. Storm. Blade. Falcon. Ironheart. Luke Cage. Spectrum. And so many more. Marvel’s incredible legacy of black heroes gets the star treatment in this action-packed special! New and established creators take on their favourite heroes in a dizzying array of stories designed to inspire and uplift! The Marvel’s Voices program is your #1 stop for “the world outside your window” – don’t sleep on this one!

Definitely not one to miss if you’re looking for diverse superheroes written by diverse authors! This is also a fantastic chance to get to know characters you haven’t checked out before (I highly recommend Ironheart), and authors you’ve never read before, I certainly would not miss out on this!

Bind Ups:

Captain America: Sam Wilson Complete Collection volume 2 by Nick Spencer

Sam Wilson flies high in the red, white and blue! The events of AVENGERS: STANDOFF will reunite the current Captain America with two former shield-slingers: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes! When the dust settles, will there be two Captains America? Sam is struggling to find his place in a country he seeks to represent, and a second superhuman Civil War won’t make that any easier! Threats mount, including the Americops and Flag-Smasher – but the greatest enemy of all might be one of Sam’s staunchest allies! Mighty Knight, Rage and the new Falcon join the fight – but will Hydra’s Secret Empire clip Cap’s wings for good? Plus: In an intergenerational adventure, Sam and Steve fight side by side during World War II! 

The second release in Sam’s complete collection. The only three things you will need before hand is volume 1 (just called volume 1), Avengers: Standoff and the Secret Empire bind up. Also, small hint: this is a great thing to read before the release of Falcon And The Winter Soldier on Disney+, as the Flag-Smasher’s are rumoured to be making an appearance!

Miles Morales: Ultimatum by Saladin Ahmed

It’s Moraleses vs. monsters as the Ultimatum saga reaches its chaotic conclusion! Miles is taking on his biggest responsibility yet: babysitting his new little sister, Billie! But fussiness and feeding time are the least of their problems, because there’s something horrific stirring underground! Meanwhile, Miles’ uncle Aaron has made a deal with a different kind of monster – the villainous Ultimatum – and he’s about to get bitten! And to make things worse, when the government outlaws teenage super heroes, life must change for Brooklyn’s young Spider-Man! It’s time for the next generation to stand together – or fall apart! But will Miles’ greatest enemy be…himself? Ultimatum’s master plan is in motion, and it’s way bigger than anyone expects. Everyone in Miles’ orbit – and beyond – will need to come together to win this battle!

This series has been fantastic so far – I can highly recommend it! The first three volumes are: Straight Out Of Brooklyn, Bring On The Bad Guys and Family Business.

Spider-Man: Bloodline by J.J. Abrams and Henry Abrams

J.J. Abrams, his son Henry Abrams and superstar artist Sara Pichelli spin a Spidey story unlike any other! When the horrific villain Cadaverous takes a huge bite out of Spider-Man’s life, what will it mean for Peter Parker’s family? What will it mean for…his son?! Years after a terrible tragedy, teenage Ben Parker is facing his own share of high school drama, from standing up to a bully to meeting the love of his life. But now Ben is about to find out that his dad was Spider-Man – and that the fiend who changed everything for their family is back…and out to get him! The Hollywood visionary who has left his indelible mark on the galaxies of both Star Wars and Star Trek revisits Spider-Man’s old adage about power and responsibility in a thrilling new way! 

This has been hugely hyped up since it’s single issue release, and now it’s time to collect the bind up! There’s no pre-reading for this one either, as this is a new story set in Peter’s future.

And that’s everything coming out today, what’s on your pull list? I’m picking up Miles Morales for sure!

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