What Is A Nexus In The Marvel Universe?


WandaVision episode 7 came with some big surprises (Monica character profile here and Agatha Harkness profile here), but there’s something that’s slipping under a lot of people’s radars: the Nexus advert.

We all know that the adverts have meaning in the world of WandaVision, but, just what is a nexus? And why could it be so important in the future?

What does nexus mean?

To put it simply, a Nexus is the keystone to the multiverse. Each reality has one, and each one is vital to keeping the stability and coherence of the reality together.

what can a nexus do?

Each Nexus personifies the character of their own universe and is the focal point of that specific reality. They can affect the probability, and therefore the future, of their reality. Because of this power, each Nexus is followed closely by the Time Various Agency (who will be featuring in the Loki tv show, see what I’m getting at when I say that Nexus could be important in the future?), who can step in and fix the time stream whenever the Nexus changes things.

Nexi also don’t just have the power to change the future, each one also has a unique power set of their own. It usually centres around a form of magic, such as Hex Power or Necromancy, and is thought to be completely unique to that specific being.

Nexus beings can never meet in the same reality, but they can communicate via apparition.

Nexus being Kang The Conquerer, drawn by John Cassaday and Laura Martin

What has this got to do with wanda?

Simply because Wanda is a confirmed Nexus of the main comic universe: Earth-616! Other famous Nexi have included Kang The Conquerer and Jean Grey (in another reality).

If the advert in WandaVision is hinting at the fact that Wanda could be a Nexus being in the MCU universe, then we could be heading for something massive, something that completely changes the future, if Wanda wills it to be. She’s already been shown to be controlling Westview (as far as we know, now that Agatha has arrived, it’s anyone’s guess as to just how much Wanda is in charge here), and we also know that her next MCU appearance is in Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness. We also know that the Loki TV show is bringing in the Time Various Agency, aka the people who watch over the Nexus beings.

Could Wanda be coming into this Nexus power? Could she be working up to breaking apart the multiverse? Could the TVA be preparing to take her down, with Loki’s help?

Only time will tell, but it’s certainly looking like one hell of a ride from where I’m standing!


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