All The Comic Easter Eggs In WandaVision Part Two


Three weeks ago, I made a post all about the comic easter eggs in episode 1-3 of WandaVision, now that episodes 4-6 have aired, it’s time for another!

Episode 4

Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau in Episode 4

Monica Rambeau is properly introduced in this episode, instead of her masquerading as ‘Geraldine.’ I’m counting her as a comic reference, even though she’s an established character in the MCU thanks to Captain Marvel! To find out more about her comic counterpart, click here.

Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo in Episode 4

Another character from the comics (and Ant Man And The Wasp) turns up in this episode! I currently don’t have a profile on Jimmy, but he is a character who first appeared in a short lived series called Yellow Claw, which was played in 1956. He’s since gone on to appear in less stereotypical series such as Nick Fury And The Agents Of S.H.I.E.LD. (1968) and Agents Of Atlas (2006).

Episode 5


Wanda and Sparky in episode 5

Sparky is another call back to Tom King’s Vision series! In the comic, Vision creates a synthazoid dog for his family, named Sparky, after a neighbour’s dog dies on their property.

The Hex

The Hex is episode 6

In the show, the Hex is so named after all the hexagons in Wanda’s broadcasts, but in the comics, Wanda’s powers are actually called hexes. She gets them from her witch ancestry, through her mother’s side, hence the name ‘Scarlet Witch.’ It currently remains to be seen if this ‘hex’ will lead to Wanda taking up the infamous Scarlet Witch title in the show, but, to me, it seems likely to happen soon!

Billy and Tommy wear red and green

Billy and Tommy in episode 5

Billy and Tommy are known as Wiccan and Speed in the comics, as they also have powers (more on that lower down)! And, as all people with powers know, you have to have a costume, and a specific colour associated with you. With Wanda, it’s red, with Vision, it’s green. With Billy and Tommy, it’s also red and green!

While the children weren’t shown to have powers in this specific episode, the fact that they were already dressing in their hero colours was a very good indicator that they would manifest them soon.

Agnes babysitting the twins

Agnes in episode 5

This little easter egg admittedly is a slight stretch, seeing as Agnes has yet to be confirmed as Agatha Harkness (more on that here), but I’m running with it, because it’s a popular fan theory and it seemed appropriate.

One of Agatha’s first appearances is as Franklin Richards (son of Reed and Sue Richards, aka Mr Fantastic and The Invisible Woman) nanny, and in WandaVision, she’s offering to babysit Billy and Tommy. I’m not saying it’s an obvious reference, but I’m definitely counting it as evidence of Agnes’ true identity!

Wanda saves Vision from a lab

Wanda saving Vision footage from episode 5

Turns out, Wanda has also saved Vision from being experimented on before, specifically she has to rescue him in issue 43 of West Coast Avengers! In the comic, Vision has been captured and is being experimented on and Wanda has to save him – sound familiar, considering that Vision was in pieces in the S.W.O.R.D. footage?

Episode 6

Comic accurate costumes

We finally have comic accurate costumes! Yes, they’re Halloweeny, and therefore rather cheesy, but we finally have Wanda in her headdress and Quicksilver with his lightning bolt t-shirt and pointy hair! And, the children’s costumes also are significant. Specifically, Billy’s costume is very similar to his comic counterpart’s Wiccan costume. Tommy is a little bit more of a copy of Quicksilver’s, but we are still getting closer Wiccan and Speed taking their place as superheroes in the MCU!

Billy and Tommy gain powers

Billy and Tommy showing off their powers in episode 6

This is the one I’ve been waiting for – Billy and Tommy gaining powers! Now, I’ll be giving both these boys a character profile each over the next week, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But, from what we’ve seen so far, Tommy (aka Speed) has the same speedster powers as his uncle Pietro, and Billy (aka Wiccan) as some level of telepathy, and the ability to stop Tommy while he’s running! We’ll have to watch the next few episodes closely, to see if any more powers emerge, but, it does look like Billy and Tommy will be stepping up as Wiccan and Speed soon!

Demon spawn

Wiccan and Speed art by Jim Cheung

Quicksilver calls Billy and Tommy ‘demon spawn’ at one point in this episode, this could be a fun little jab, but it could actually be a reference to Billy and Tommy’s origins. In the comics, Billy and Tommy are brought into being just like the are in the show – Wanda wills them into existance. But, what Wanda, Vision, and the children don’t know is that Billy and Tommy’s souls are a part of Mephisto, the Marvel version of the Devil. This does lead to him eventually reabsorbing the children into him, essentially killing them. I don’t now if this will happen in the show, but if it does, Lord help Mephisto when Wanda finds out!

Small side note: If we are getting the Mephisto storyline, I’m under the impression that he’s either Dottie, Hayward, or some outside presence we haven’t seen yet. I don’t believe that he is being played by Evan Peters (Pietro), it’s too obvious, and a waste of bringing in an established Quicksilver in the multiverse. I could be wrong, but I hope I’m not – I’m too attached to the Fox X-Men to let them be recast in the MCU!

Monica’s powers

Photon textless cover by Mark Bright and Veronica Gandini

My last easter egg is in Monica’s blood work. Darcy tells Monica that her blood work is coming back changed, after she’s been through the Hex twice. Changing blood work could equal Monica gaining her powers! In the comics, Monica gains her Photon powers after being exposed to extra-dimensional energy, and Wanda’s Hex field is made from radiation from the Big Bang. Now that her blood work is changing, we could very well be looking at the origin story of Photon!

And that’s everything I have so far? What was your favourite easter egg? Did I miss anything? Let me know down below!


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