My WandaVision Predictions Based On The Comics


We’re now officially half way through WandaVision, so I thought I’d give you an idea of where I think the show is going, based on the comics!

Reverse House Of M

Cover art by Esad Ribic

Alright, alright, I know I talk a lot about House Of M, but I’m still utterly convinced that a reverse House Of M is coming.

As I mentioned in my Three Comics To Read Before WandaVision post, the lead up to WandaVision is very similar to the lead up to House Of M. Wanda has now also brought in her children, Billy and Tommy, and created a reality where they can be happy together, just like in House Of M.

Now, with the arrival of X-Men Quicksilver, I’m starting to think he’s going to tell her about his universe – about the fact that he’s a mutant. What if that leads Wanda into realising that she should be a mutant too, and instead of uttering the infamous ‘no more mutants’ and taking away the mutant’s powers, she says ‘no, MORE mutants’ and pulls them from their universe, into the MCU?

Now that Disney owns Fox, and therefore the X-Men and Fantastic Four, it is a possibility. The lead up is right there, there’s a comic event to provide the inspiration, all I’m saying is that it is entirely plausible.


Textless cover by Mark Bright and Veronica Gandini

Monica Rambeau has officially turned up in the MCU as an adult, and currently, she has no powers. But, that isn’t to say that she won’t. As I’ve explained before, Monica is known as Photon (among other names) in the comics, and has the power to convert her body into any form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum.

What if, when Wanda threw her out of Westview, it gave her powers? All of her scans came up blank, after all.

Or, who’s to say, when she finally breaches the Westview bubble again, that she won’t end up with powers, due to the radiation it’s giving off?

It would be stupid of Marvel to include a character like Monica and then not give her powers, and while she could get them any time, what better time to do it than in WandaVision?


Image by David Yardin

Mephisto has been talked about so much that he was even trending on twitter last Friday! Now, a lot of people think that Evan Peters is actually playing Mephisto, but I don’t think he is, simply because I think it would be a bit weird to bring in Fox’s Quicksilver actor, playing Quicksilver, and then reveal he’s playing someone else entirely. Obviously, I could be wrong, but currently my bets are either on Mephisto being the mysterious Ralph, Agnes’ husband, or Dottie, who was the first to mention the Devil, and the first to mention children.

Now, the reason why children is so important to Mephisto is because he helped create Billy and Tommy in the comics. Wanda used his soul to create the children, and he eventually reabsorbed them into himself, essentially killing them.

Now, remember what Dottie said at the women’s meeting? ‘For the children.’ There weren’t any children in Westview, until, at the end of the episode, Wanda became pregnant. Could be a coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences in WandaVision.

Now, I could be barking up the wrong tree in terms of Mephisto being Dottie, but I do think he’s involved with the creation of the children. I don’t think he’s behind all of this, I still think Wanda created this reality, but Mephisto is somehow involved, somewhere, in this.

Agnes = Agatha

Image by Keith Pollard

I’m also convinced that Wanda and Vision’s neighbour, Agnes, is actually Agatha Harkness. The first reason why? Her name. Take a look at the capitalised letters, AGatha HarkNESs, it spells Agnes. If she is truly Agatha, I’d go by an alias too, just in case.

For background, Agatha is an incredibly ancient witch, who is so old, she remembers being around 500 years before Atlantis sank. She lived through the Salam Witch Trials, and eventually ended up becoming a mentor to Wanda.

I have a feeling that Agnes is going to turn up to be Agatha – she’s integrated herself in with Wanda’s family very well in the show, and always seems to show up when they need something. Also, she does not seem at all surprised when the children age themselves up, or when anything remotely magical happens around her. She’s also rather secretive, she mentions her husband Ralph a lot, but we’ve never met him, and we know absolutely nothing about her other than that.

To say the least, I’m suspicious, and seeing as Agatha is so intwined with Wanda in the comics, I wouldn’t be surprise if Agnes turns out to be her in the show.

Reed Richards the aerospace engineer

Image by Chris Samnee

In the last episode, Monica says that she knows an aerospace engineer who could help build a tank to help her get into Westview, and she is later seen texting said engineer. She never mentions him by name, but to me, I have a feeling she’s talking about Reed Richards, aka Mr Fantastic.

Reed is an aerospace engineer, and does know a lot about cosmic radiation – in fact, it’s cosmic radiation that gives him and his team their powers.

So, what if, he’s brought in to help Monica breach the Westview bubble, and in the ensuing fall out, him, Sue and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, get irradiated and become the Fantastic Four? Marvel, having bought Fox, do now have rights to the team, and they have a director in John Watts for their movie, but what if they’re brought in now? It’ll probably be a cameo in the show, but WandaVision could very well turn into a subtle origin story for the team.

Also, let’s not forget that Paul Bettany said that there’s going to be a big, secret cameo that nobody will see coming. What if it is John Krasinski as Reed Richards? He is the fan favourite casting, and has been very vocal about wanting to play the character, it would be one hell of a cameo if he turned up!

Currently, that’s all my WandaVision predictions based on the comics! What do you think is coming next for Wanda and Vision? Is there any other comic you would love to see adapted in WandaVision? Tell me down below!


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