27th January Marvel Comic Releases

This New Comic Book Day, it’s all about the bind ups!

Wolverine: The Savage Land by Frank Cho

Wolverine awakens to find himself in the Savage Land – and labeled public enemy number one! With no memory of how he got there and Shanna the She-Devil his only ally, Logan must unravel the mystery of the Savage Land before it kills him! The ferocious duo venture into the depths of the Forbidden Island, where they face a brutal gauntlet of battles with the island natives, wild dinosaurs, giant apes and a deadly threat from another world. When another hero crash-lands on the island, he just might turn the tide of the battle – but is he friend or foe? Featuring guest appearances by Amadeus Cho, Man-Thing and the Incredible Hulk!

I would personally look up the Savage Land, Amadeus Cho, Man-Thing and Hulk before reading this, just in case.

Unstoppable Wasp: AIM Escape by Jeremy Whitely

Back by popular demand, it’s Nadia Van Dyne – the Unstoppable Wasp! With the support of the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, there’s no problem Nadia and the Agents of G.I.R.L. can’t solve! But the Genius In action Research Labs isn’t the only acronym-toting science organisation out there, and the ruthless A.I.M. is gunning for them! But who is A.I.M.’s new super-powered lieutenant? How does this fearsome foe know Nadia? And how does A.I.M.’s plan involve her father, Hank Pym? Plus: A girls’ night out for Nadia! G.I.R.L. prepares for its big science-expo debut! And Jan throws Nadia her first birthday party – quite possibly the best one the Marvel Universe has ever seen! But the final showdown between G.I.R.L. and A.I.M. is looming, and only one team of super-scientists can come out on top!

Nadia’s story started back in All New, All Different Avengers issue 14 by Jeremy Whitely and Mark Waid, so I’d start there, and then read Jeremy Whiteley’s Unstoppable Wasp (G.I.R.L. Power).

Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Cut Off One Head by Derek Landy

A tale of two Caps! An office of dead government agents. A gifted new killer. Two ex-Captain Americas. When a dramatic attempt on the life of Bucky Barnes reunites him with Sam Wilson, the old friends are plunged headlong into a race to uncover the new leader of Hydra before a mass-casualty event announces the terror group’s resurgence to the world! The clock is ticking – but who is the Natural, and how did he beat Sam and Bucky so easily? It’s a bullet-riddled, window-smashing, table-breaking brawl for it all, and the Hydra Supreme is about to ascend!

I’m not going to lie, this is my most anticipated release of the month, because I’m a massive Derek Landy fan! But, if you haven’t read him before, you’ll be fine reading this, as he’s never written these two before.

Doctor Strange Epic Collection: Alone Against Eternity by Steve Englehart

Steve Englehart and Gene Colan set before you a series of unmatched Doctor Strange classics! Dormammu and Umar attack, and Eternity declares that the end times are here. To save us all from the end of the world as we know it, Stephen Strange must confront…himself!? Englehart concludes his run with a Dracula crossover, a trip to Hell and a time-traveling Occult History of America. Then, Marv Wolfman and Jim Starlin take the reins, pitting the good Doctor against Xander the Merciless and Clea gone mad! A descent into the bizarre Quadriverse ends with a reckoning as Strange wrestles with his status as Sorcerer Supreme! 

Currently, the only other works published in this series are Master Of The Mystic Arts and A Separate Reality, which are volumes 1 and 3. For some reason 2 is missing, sadly, I don’t have answers for that.

Captain America by Ed Brubaker Omnibus volume 1

Ed Brubaker’s legendary take on the life and death of Captain America begins here – including the pursuit of the mysterious Winter Soldier, the fight against a deadly new incarnation of the Red Skull and a slow-burning conspiracy that seeks to shatter Cap’s world. Full of political intrigue and suspense, fast action, high adventure, and explosive art by Steve Epting, Michael Lark, Mike Perkins and more, Captain America has never been more noble, more decisive and more ready to give his all for freedom than in Brubaker’s definitive run of stories. 

Funnily enough, this one provides a bit of context to Bucky’s time as Captain America if you were interested in Derek Landy’s Falcon And The Winter Soldier, so I’d recommend buying both at the same time, if you can afford it!

Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee Omnibus volume 2

The Stan Lee/John Romita era starts here! Lee and Romita transformed the web-slinger into Marvel’s top title with stories that raised your spirits, tore at your heartstrings and kept you on the edge of your seat. From the revelation of the Green Goblin’s secret identity to the unforgettable entrance of Mary Jane Watson, these classics define Spidey to this day – with star-studded debuts including the Kingpin, the Rhino and Captain Stacy; Spidey’s disastrous first tryout with the Avengers; the iconic “Spider-Man No More!” issue; the true story of Peter Parker’s parents; and an epic battle against the Green Goblin! 

There is a first volume to this omnibus, which gives you the background information on the original Spider-Man, but this is where the Spider-Man we know and love was developed! So if you’re looking for a good place to start with Spider-Man, or just want to read some of his classic runs, this is the place to go!

With that, this week’s new releases are finished! What’s on your pull list? I’m picking up Falcon And The Winter Soldier, without doubt!

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