All The Comic Easter Eggs In WandaVision


Kevin Feige said that Wandavision was going to have a lot of easter eggs in it, turns out, he was not kidding! Wandavision is full of references to the previous movies and tv shows!

Today though, I want to show you all the comic easter eggs, seeing as this is a comic book blog!

Let’s go through in order:

Episode 1

Abe Brown

You may recognise Abe Brown’s name from the Spider-Man films – he’s one of Peter’s classmates, and here, he’s listed as the director of episode 1.

But, in the world of the comics, Abe Brown is actually a vigilante known as the Black Tiger. He hasn’t appeared in many comics, but has been known to team up with Iron Fist and Shang Chi on occasion.

If you want to read more about him, then I would check out the 1974 comic The Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu by Gerry Conway.

Vision’s tie

Vision’s tie in episode 1 also contained a very interesting design – and it’s actually a call back to Tom King’s Vision run! This comic centres around Vision living in suburbia, trying to live a normal life with his family, and he always wears a tie with a similar design on it. We already know that WandaVision is based partially on this comic, so the tie is almost certainly an easter egg!

The wine bottle

This is possibly my favourite easter egg in the show – because the name of the wine, Maison du Mepris, translates to House Of Contempt. The stressed letter in contempt? M. This could very well be a hint to the infamous House Of M storyline, the storyline that a lot of us think is coming to the MCU very soon, judging by Wanda’s current situation.

Episode 2

Bova milk

You’re going to have to run with me on this one, I’m afraid, because while Bova is a character of the comics, and ties closely with Wanda, it’s a little odd.

Essentially, Bova is a genetically modified cow who ends up fostering the Maximoff children as children, and yes, you did read that right. Clearly, this did not happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but, I’d say that it’s still an integral part of Wanda, and Pietro, and their childhood.

If you want to know more, I’d read Vision and The Scarlet Witch by Bill Mantlo.

Grim Reaper

Another reference to the Vision comic by Tom King! Grim Reaper is a villain from the comics, and in Tom King’s Vision, he breaks into the house, and is killed during an altercation. Virginia, Vision’s synthazoid wife, buries Reaper in the back garden to cover up the crime. In the show, we can clearly see Reaper’s helmet hidden under the floorboards during the title sequence. A hint at what is to come, or just an easter egg for comic fans? Only time will tell!


As you can see, the number 57 is printed on the side of the toy helicopter, and that is no coincidence. Vision’s first ever appearance was in 1968, specifically in Avengers issue 57. I’d definitely recommend reading Roy Thomas’ comic run, especially if you want to know just why the Grim Reaper breaks into Vision’s house in Tom King’s story.

Illusion and Glamour

Glamour and Illusion aren’t just names picked at random for the show, they’re actual comic characters from the infamous Vision and Scarlet Witch comic run. They’re a married couple who lived in the same neighbourhood as Wanda and Vision!

Episode 3

Vision quoting Shakespeare

Again, this comes from Tom King’s Vision run. This time, this is a reference to Vin – Vision’s synth son. When Vin goes to school, he becomes obsessed with Shakespeare and spends many hours reading his plays and performing them in his bedroom. It seems, in the WandaVision tv show, Vision shares this love for Shakespeare, or at least has an appreciation for him, and quotes the man himself, just like his comic counterpart’s son.

Billy and Tommy

I’ll be brief with Billy and Tommy, as I’ll have more on them as they grow up. But, Billy and Tommy have not been invented for the TV show – they’re actually characters in the Marvel Comic universe! All I’ll say for now about them is that they’re Wanda and Vision’s twins, and they both have some very familiar powers! If you want to read up on them in advance, I’d recommend trying out the Young Avengers comics, along with The Children’s Crusade!

And that’s everything I’ve spotted so far – what have you noticed? What’s your favourite easter egg you’ve seen? Let me know down below!


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