Scarlet Witch Character profile

WandaVision has landed on Disney+, so it’s time to give you a quick run down of Wanda’s comic history! My Vision character profile can also be found here.

Name:  Wanda Maximoff

Superhero Name: Scarlet Witch

Created By: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Scarlet Witch cover by Siya Oum

Played By: Elizabeth Olsen

Powers: Reality warping, teleportation, time manipulation, energy and matter manipulation, probability manipulation and scientifically enhanced magical abilities.

Mini Bio: Wanda is famously known as the daughter of Magneto, but in recent comics this was retconned (aka, changed years after the fact) to her actually being the daughter of Django and Marya Maximoff – two normal humans. Currently, Wanda is not actually a mutant, but a human who was experimented on by a being called the High Evolutionary, who gave her most of her powers. The rest came from her mother, who was a witch before her.

Either way, Wanda, and her twin brother Pietro, were raised by Django and Marya Maximoff, until their mother was killed in a fire. The twins managed to escape the blaze and wandered Europe for years, until Magneto found them and recruited them to the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, a group who fight against the X-Men over mutant rights and how they should be achieved. Eventually, Magneto was kidnapped by a cosmic entity and the Avengers rescued them from the Brotherhood.

Wanda falls in love with Vision during her time with the Avengers, and after some arguments between team mates, they get married with everyone’s blessing. She also starts being mentored by Agatha Harkness in witchcraft, to gain control over her hexes. I’ll leave that part out, for now, as I feel that there will be a need to go deeper into just who Agatha is in the coming weeks…

First Comic Appearance: The X-Men, issue 4 (March 1964)

Most Common Team Ups: Avengers, West Coast Avengers

Comic Recommendations: Avengers Disassembled and House Of M by Brian Michael Bendis, The Children’s Crusade by Allan Heinberg, Scarlet Witch by James Robinson


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