9th December Marvel Comic Releases

Only eight new releases this New Comic Book Day, so let’s get into it!

Single Issues:

Heroes At Home by Zeb Wells

Being stuck inside isn’t easy for anyone, even super heroes! See how your favourite Marvel characters have coped being cooped up with HEROES AT HOME! See how Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Black Panther and Captain America do in Quarantine! Let Marvel make you smile, courtesy of artists Gurihiru and writer Zeb Wells’ Sunday Funnies!

An interesting idea, given the current global situation! It shouldn’t tie into anything, so you’ll be fine reading this!

King In Black: Namor by Kurt Busiek

Spinning out of the KING IN BLACK epic comes a dark, chilling story of the birth of Atlantis’s greatest villains. The players: Namor, Lady Dorma of Atlantis, the outsider Attuma – all still in their teen years – and The Swift Riders, the Atlantean Empire’s greatest heroes. It begins with alliances and possibility, as Attuma’s people may join the Empire…but what lies ahead is tragedy, betrayal, and the unleashing of dangerous, deadly magics. A deep dive into Marvel history…and the birth of a threat that will only grow in menace across time.

A tie-in to the King In Black storyline, so make sure you have been reading Donny Cates’ Venom series, and the first King In Black issue!

S.W.O.R.D. by Al Ewing

The Mutant nation of Krakoa has quickly become a major force on the world stage… but why stop there? Krakoa has relaunched the Sentient World Observation & Response Directorate – a fully independent organization dealing with all things extra-terrestrial on behalf of all of Earth. Al Ewing and Valerio Schitti, the team behind EMPYRE, bring us the tale of Mutantkind looking to do for the galaxy what Krakoa did for the planet.

Another series start that comes with prior reading – for this, you’ll definitely need to read from House Of X/Powers Of X to Empyre first! If you’re worried about reading orders, then don’t worry – I’ve got a House Of X/Powers Of X/Dawn Of X reading guide coming this Sunday!

Bind Ups:

X-Force Volume 2 by Benjamin Percy

The first drumbeats of war begin to sound! Ever since her injuries at the hands of the mutant-hating Xeno group, Domino’s luck has been changing…for the worse! Can she track down the source of her misfortune before it costs mutant sympathisers all over the world their lives? And has Colossus, who has suffered traumas of his own, healed enough to help her – or even himself? Elsewhere, in the heart of South America, X-Force finds a growing problem that threatens to destroy everything they’ve built – and one of their own might be responsible! Logan soon brings back valuable intel to X-Force: The non-treaty nation of Russia is working to undermine Krakoa and may be aligned with Xeno! Will Colossus side with Krakoa or his compatriots? 

The next in the team bind ups for Dawn Of X. Like I said above, I’ve got a reading guide coming on Sunday, but short answer for this specific bind up is: If you’ve got Dawn Of X 7-12, you don’t need this, if you’re collecting the event through team bind ups, then you’ll need Volume 1 first!

Thor Epic Collection: Thor War by Tom DeFalco, more

Thor Corps unite! Eric Masterson is still settling into his role as the replacement Thor – and Hercules’ “training” isn’t much help. Will Eric be able to keep up when he joins forces with Beta Ray Bill and Dargo Ktor, the 26th-century Thunder God? Zarrko the Tomorrow Man may be more than even they can handle when he plucks a cadre of classic Thor villains out of the timestream to join him – including the scheming Loki! Meanwhile, Balder and Sif search for the real Odinson. When Dr. Donald Blake returns, could it be a clue? And why is Eric Masterson heading into Hell itself? Plus: Operation Galactic Storm takes Thor into space! Dargo meets the Guardians of the Galaxy! Thor battles Absorbing Man, Titania and…Spider-Man?! 

If you want to read this one, you’ll need Thor Epic Collection: The God Of Thunder, When Titans Clash, The Wrath Of Odin, To Wake The Mangog, The Fall Of Asgard, Into The Dark Nebula, A Kingdom Lost, Runequest, War Of The Pantheons, In Mortal Flesh and The Black Galaxy.

Strikeforce Volume 2: Fight Me by Tini Howard

Can this team of misfits stay together long enough to complete its mission? Strikeforce must contend with the menace of Moonstone, A.K.A. the psychotic psychiatrist Karla Sofen! But what does a manipulator of minds want with a hospital full of the dead and dying? Then, where death goes, Deadpool soon follows! With hundreds of shape-shifting Vridai sneaking their way through Midgard, Strikeforce is the only one who can stop them – and that brings Blade and his allies to King Deadpool’s Monster Island! For Angela, the battle gets personal as the one-time Queen of Hel faces off against the Queen of the Vridai! But who will enter a death match of no-holds-barred sports entertainment?

The first volume (just called Strikeforce) to this was fantastic, I cannot wait to read this!

Giant Sized X-Men by Jonathon Hickman

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman teams with legendary artists to spin Giant-Size mutant tales! When danger looms, it will take two of Earth’s most powerful telepaths working together to make things right: Jean Grey and Emma Frost! Nightcrawler must venture into the unknown when the X-Men lose contact with a key mutant habitat! Despite the shelter of Krakoa, mutants still need to deal with the human world – but Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, has a plan for that! Fantomex steps into the spotlight – breaking into his own birthplace, the World! And can Storm triumph over an insidious plot that has put a countdown on her very life?

This collects all the one shots from the Dawn Of X storyline. So far, only the Emma Frost/Jean Grey and Nightcrawler one shots have been included in the Dawn of X bind ups, but the rest are coming in future volumes.

Amazing Spider-Man Volume 10: Green Goblin by Nick Spencer

How far can Spider-Man stretch before he breaks? Nick Spencer and a host of legendary creators celebrate 850 issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – by pushing the web-slinger harder than ever before! The resurrected Sin-Eater has leveled up thanks to Kindred – and just as his reign of terror reaches riot level, the Green Goblin returns! Norman Osborn is back – and his troubled past will haunt both him and Peter Parker. Spidey has been through a lot over the years, but even his worst moments have just been a prelude to this! Can he get by with a little help from his friends? Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, Ghost-Spider, Spider-Girl and Madame Web assemble as the Order of the Web is born! 

This is volume 10, so you’ll need Amazing Spider-Man: Back To Basics, Friends And Foes, Lifetime Achievement, Hunted, Behind The Scenes, Absolute Carnage, 2099, 2099 Companion, Threats & Menaces and Sins Rising.

And that’s everything releasing this week! What are you looking forward to? I’m certainly picking up Strikeforce Volume 2!

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