Christmas Gift Guide For Comic Book Lovers

With Christmas just around the corner – when did that happen? – it’s time to start thinking about what to buy our loved ones this Christmas.

This year has been different to most, and we’ve all been buying things to make ourselves happy all year.

So, I’m giving you a unique gift guide for the comic book lovers in your life! We’re not the most difficult people to buy for, but, you can still surprise them with one of these, and support a small business at the same time!

Comic Book Sleeve

Carrying comics around in your bag can be risky – I know I’ve nearly damaged a few over the years! But, comic book sleeves can protect them! They’re usually padded and take all the knocks from your bag, keeping your comics in perfect condition.








Pins are the In Thing right now – everyone is starting collections, and there’s a tonne of Marvel pins to choose from!

For example, there’s:

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Arc Reactors




Captain Marvel

Black Panther

You name the character, you’ll find the pin!


Posters are a great way to decorate, and let’s be honest, this year is the year to redecorate and jazz up the house!

There’s posters for:

Classic Spider-Man fans

Travel lovers

Those who prefer the films

People who like simplistic quotes

There’s thousands of posters out there! Shopping around will definitely be worth it – there is something for everyone!


Perfect for any Marvel lover who also plays D&D, or any other tabletop games! Again, there’s a lot to choose from, there’s:

Infinity Stones

Captain America


Captain Marvel

And speaking of tabletop games, you can also get:

Deadpool dice bags

Guardians Of The Galaxy Dice Bags

Magik dice play mat

Spider-Man dice tray

She-Hulk dice play mat


To finish off, here’s some other fun stuff I found!

Iron Man docking station

Avengers charm bracelet

Cross-body bag

Christmas stocking

Wakanda Forever tshirt

Captain America and Valkyrie scented candles

Nick Fury’s pager

Captain America’s Shield

I hope this has given you a few ideas for your loved ones this Christmas – let me know down below what you get, and if you find any other gems for me to add to the list!

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