New Comic Book Authors You Need To Read

Hello, and welcome to the Comic Book Sanctum! If you’ve come from the Thought Bubble Fringe event, I hope you’re enjoying the festival, and are having the best time!

Before I start, I’d like to take a minute to introduce the Comic Book Sanctum to yourself, as this post is a little ‘out there’ for me, as this blog is usually dedicated entirely to Marvel Comics!

The Comic Book Sanctum was created in July this year, with the hope of helping people get into Marvel Comics – the MCU has been massively popular, and is reasonably easy to get into, as there are a hundred and one guides out there to follow.

But the comic continuity is something else entirely – it’s eighty years long, with multiverses, alternate realities created by various characters, massive, world changing events. There’s thousands of characters, thousands of creators, and thousands of issues, that can be daunting to get into, to say the least.

That’s where the Sanctum comes in. I provide event guides, character profiles, recommendations, and a host of other things to help you ease your way into the Marvel Comic Universe!

And, with that, let’s get into the actual blog post you came here for – new comic book authors you need to read!

As it’s the Fringe this week, too, I’ve gone outside of the Marvel world, so let’s get into it!

Eve Ewing

Ironheart, Outlawed and Champions: Outlawed

Eve Ewing has been writing and winning awards for her poetry and non-fiction for years, but in 2018 she wrote Ironheart: Those With Courage and Ironheart: Ten Rings and made an exceptional mark on Marvel Comics, and the world of RiRi Williams!

Since then, she’s written the Marvel Comics one-shots: Incoming and Outlawed, worked on Ms Marvel Team Up, and is currently writing 2020’s Champions.

If you’re a fan of our younger superheroes, Eve is definitely one to watch!

Joe Henderson


If you’re a fan of the Netflix TV show Lucifer (based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics!), then you’ll already be a fan of Joe Henderson’s work, as he’s their producer/co-showrunner.

But, in 2018, Joe broke into comics with Skyward, a sci-fi comic following Willa, who lives on a lower-gravity Earth, and her Dad is trying to fix it, which could kill her!

This is currently Joe’s only comic work, but I’m sure he’ll write more in the future, especially after he’s finished adapting Skyward into a movie for Sony Pictures!

N K Jemisin

Far Sector

Every fantasy novel fan knows of the critically acclaimed N K Jemisin, the Hugo Award winning author.

Now, she’s turning her hand to comics, by joining DC’s Young Animal imprint (co-set up by Gerard Way, yes that Gerard Way!). Jemisin is writing the Far Sector series, which focuses on the latest Green Lantern as they protect the City Enduring, as their 500 years of peace is about to be disrupted by forces unknown.

So far, the series has been very well received by fans, so I doubt this will be her last comic work!

Katy Rex

Doctor Who, Jade Street City Protection, The Nightmare Kills Fascists

Finally, we’re talking about Katy Rex! You may know of Katy from her various articles on,, and, but she’s also written a few comics over the years too.

So far, Katy has written for Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Books One & Two and Charmed: A Thousand Deaths.

She’s now branching out, into Jade Street City Protection, about a group of magical, punk teenage girls fighting the patriarchy, and This Nightmare Kills Fascists, a horror anthology about the current state of world politics.

And that’s my current Comic Book Authors To Look Out Far! A massive thank you to Thought Bubble Fringe for allowing me to take part, and thank you for reading – enjoy the rest of the Fringe!

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