Marvel Comics For Halloween – Day Three

Day Three of my Halloween Marvel recommendations and today we’re going a little… demonic.

Hellstrom: Evil Origins
Hellstrom Evil Origins by Chris Claremont

From hell he came! Exorcist Daimon Hellstrom has a secret: By night, he is the Son of Satan! Golden trident in hand and pentagram on his chest, Hellstrom is out to confront his evil father — but will he make the scene in time to save Johnny Blaze, the flaming-skulled Ghost Rider? Experience Hellstrom’s early exploits — including his uncanny origin, his demonic battles against Satan himself and even his first clash with his sister, the succubus called Satana! Plus: As Hellstrom finds a place for himself on Marvel’s wildest non-team, the Defenders, he falls for Patsy Walker — the fittingly named Hellcat! But can romance blossom for a man with a soul as dark as Hellstrom’s?

If you don’t know who Daimon Hellstrom is, then I have a character profile ready for you here.

If you’re Halloween’s revolve around the demonic, then Daimon is the perfect character to get to know this spooky season! As I’ve said in my character profile, he’s the Son Of Satan, and his sister is a succubus. If that wasn’t enough, Ghost Rider also comes along for the ride in Evil Origins – I can’t think of a better comic to read this week, can you?

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