Marvel Comics For Halloween: Day One

It’s officially six days until Halloween, and to celebrate I’m going to be giving you a new spooky Marvel comic recommendation every day! This could be because the character is spooky, or the story itself is actually scary, so there should be something for everyone!

And we’re kicking things off with a classic: Chris Claremont’s Demon Bear Saga!

New Mutants: Demon Bear - Comics by comiXology: Web UK
Demon Bear by Chris Claremont

The visionary talents of writer Chris Claremont and legendary illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz bring the Demon Bear that has haunted Danielle Moonstar’s dreams to horrifying life!

It took her parents, and now it has returned for Dani – and only the combined efforts of her fellow New Mutants can stop it from finishing the job! Sink your teeth into a true classic!

Then, Dani’s nightmare returns years later as San Francisco – and her new team X-Force, come under attack from a similarly unholy ursine!

This is a classic New Mutants comics, written by comic legend Chris Claremont – if you’re looking for demons and nightmare creatures, this is the comic for you!


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