September 23rd Marvel Comic Releases

You all know the drill by now – it’s New Comic Book Day, so let’s get into what Marvel’s releasing!

Single issues:

Immortal She-Hulk 1 by Al Ewing

The Cotati invasion has changed everything for Jennifer Walters. Now she seems to have a new lease on life…but things are never that simple for the gamma-powered. Al Ewing gives She-Hulk the “IMMORTAL” treatment with a horrifying stand-alone tale!

Obviously check out the Empyre (guide coming soon) event first, or this isn’t going to make any sense!

Juggernaut 1 by Fabian Nicieza

A mystic gem. A force of overwhelming power. Nothing can stop the Juggernaut. Except himself. Another building falls. Cain Marko is done letting others pick up the pieces of the things he’s destroyed. Renowned X-scribe Fabian Nicieza (X-FORCE, DEADPOOL) and celebrated artist Ron Garney (CAPTAIN AMERICA, DAREDEVIL) team up to take the unstoppable in a new bold new direction!

A potential good place to start for anyone who isn’t familiar with Juggernaut! Though, I do imagine this series will reference previous Juggernaut adventures, so maybe look up his history first, just in case.

X Of Swords: Creation 1 by Jonathon Hickman

A tower. A mission. A gathering of armies.

The first in the exciting new X-Men series, leading on from the House Of X/Powers Of X and Dawn Of X storylines.

X-Factor 1 by Leah Williams


By the grace of The Five, the resurrection protocols can bring back any fallen mutant. But such a huge enterprise isn’t without its problems and complications When a mutant dies, X-Factor is there to investigate how and why to keep the rules of reincarnation.

This is another one that ties into the Dawn Of X event, so this definitely won’t make sense without it.

Bind ups:

Valkyrie: Jane Foster Volume 2: At The End of All Things by Al Ewing

Marvel medics assemble! Jane Foster has been many things in her life, including the heroic hammer-wielder known as Thor! Recently, Jane became the Valkyrie, guardian and protector of the Norse dead. But now she must return to the role she knows best – that of a medical doctor – when a supernatural medical emergency rears its head! Jane teams with Doctor Strange, Sorcerer (and Surgeon) Supreme; the tough-as-nails Night Nurse; Excalibur-wielding Dr. Faiza Hussain; and more to crack a case that will give readers heart palpitations! But is the patient one heroes of medicine will want to save? Plus: When a threat even older than the gods breaks free, Valkyrie reunites at last with Thor Odinson, All-Father of Asgard! Can these two mighty warriors prevent the end of all life at the hands of the R kkva?

This is following on the Jason Aaron Thor series, so you’ll have to read all of those first before this one. There’s a lot of volumes to that though, so expect a very, very long guide soon!

Spider-Man Ben Reilly omnibus volum 1 by Dan Jurgens and Todd DeZago

As Ben Reilly settles into his new role as Spider-Man, Peter Parker adapts to a life without powers. Ben takes on a rogues’ gallery of classic foes as Peter and MJ prepare for parenthood – but when a strange illness sends Peter to the hospital, is it clone degeneration or something else? Revelations await as the Clone Saga reaches its cataclysmic conclusion! As Ben and Peter unravel the twisted conspiracy that has manipulated them for years, the identity of the shadowy madman pulling their strings will shock both Spider-Men to the core! 

You’ll definitely have to get volume 1 first before reading this, but it certainly sounds interesting – I love reading about all the different Spider-people of the Marvel Universe!

Spider-Man Gauntlet Complete Collection volume 2 by Roger Stern

Can Spider-Man survive the Grim Hunt? As his run through the gauntlet of his deadliest foes concludes, Spidey must tackle one of the most unyielding enemies he’s ever faced! But it turns out that something can stop the Juggernaut, and that means big trouble for both of them! Then, the Lizard is back – deadlier than ever! But as the Kraven family’s plans come to fruition, the hunt begins – and it’s Spider season! Sasha and Anastasia Kravinoff are preparing an unholy resurrection, and that puts our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler and his arachnid allies – as well as the Black Cat – in the firing line! Can Spider-Man get through this latest challenge without a death in the family?

Again, get volume 1 first before reading this!

Marvel Masterworks: Incredible Hulk Volume 14 by Roger Stern


Roger Stern and Sal Buscema plumb the depths of Bruce Banner, Marvel’s most conflicted character – but can they find what hope lies in the mind of the man cursed by the Incredible Hulk? This round of Marvel classics begins with Banner finally cured of his gamma-powered alter ego! But without the Hulk’s power, how can he stop the Leader? It’s a life-or-death fight that just might end with the Hulk, not Banner, free of his hated other half – and only Doc Samson can save the man inside the monster! Also featuring a double-sized Stern ‘n’ Byrne Annual pitting Hulk, Iceman and Angel against the mile-high menace of Master Mold – and a classic crossover with Captain America!

This is volume 14, so definitely pick up volumes 1-13 first! But, while this sounds perfect for those wanting to get into Hulk comics, I’d say this is more for those who know a lot about him and the rest of the universe. So I’d steer clear of this, and read some other Hulk stuff instead, and come back to this later.

Heroes Reborn: Avengers by Rob Liefield

In 1996, the hottest creators of the day teamed up to reimagine and reinvigorate Marvel’s greatest heroes. The Avengers and Fantastic Four were reborn with bold new looks on a brave new world, their origins re-envisioned with a raw vitality and contemporary sensibility. Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hawkeye, Hellcat and more: the Avengers’ lineup is both new and classic – but will Thor assemble alongside them? They’ll need him against revised versions of Kang, Ultron, the Enchantress, the Masters of Evil and others – but as Ant-Man and Iron Man enter the fray, what is Loki up to in the shadows? Plus: The Avengers and Fantastic Four take on the Hulk – and Galactus!

Could be interesting for those who are looking for a new (or at least different) look on our favourite Avengers!

Golden Age of Marvel Comics Omnibus volume 1

In 1939, MARVEL COMICS (soon renamed MARVEL MYSTERY COMICS) launched a storytelling revolution that lasted eight decades and ultimately birthed the modern Marvel Universe! The title’s first year was a mix of pulp adventure seeded with the first sparks of the colorful heroes to come – but in its second year, MARVEL MYSTERY followed the path of the fiery Human Torch and the aquatic Sub-Mariner with super heroes galore! Those twin trailblazers were soon joined by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Vision, the all-American Patriot and the joyously wild robot Electro. Backed up by boy sleuth Terry Vance, the pre-comics jungle king Ka-Zar and the noir adventurer the Angel, each issue delivered 64 pages of nonstop 1940s action! Now, relive the glories of the Golden Age in this painstakingly restored, oversized Omnibus edition!

Now this is a throwback release! If you’re interested in the beginning of Marvel Comics, this will be perfect for you!

Black Widow Poster Book by various artists

She’s Earth’s stealthiest hero – the superspy with red in her ledger! She’s Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, and she’s leaving the shadowy world of espionage to take the spotlight in a book filled with poster masterpieces that would grace any gallery! From her death-defying solo missions around the world to her adventures with the Avengers, Natasha turns cloak-and-dagger action into a work of art – as ably demonstrated in these illustrations by many of Marvel’s biggest talents. Impress your friends with this collection of many of the finest Black Widow images ever produced!

This is like last week’s Marvel Portfolio book, but instead of focusing one artist, this focuses on one character.

Avengers West Coast Epic Collection: Tales To Astonish by Steve Englehart

Zodiac attack! Scorpio’s insidious Zodiac has wiped out the original group, and now they’re targeting the West Coast Avengers! The astrological androids plan an infiltration, but do the Avengers have a countermove up their sleeves? As Moon Knight hunts down the last surviving member of the original Zodiac, Scorpio’s endgame is revealed – but there’s a twist! Then, when the Whackos investigate the fate of Hank Pym’s deceased wife, it kicks off a tale to astonish that leads them through Latveria and behind the Iron Curtain! Plus: The Grandmaster has a deadly game for both teams of Avengers! Ghosts from Mockingbird’s past return to torment her! And when Doctor Doom conquers the world, can Wonder Man stand alone?

Another throwback bind up, so if you’re looking for stuff like this, now is the time to collect it!

Acts Of Vengeance: Marvel Universe by Walter Simonson

Loki’s schemes play out as an array of heroes face unfamiliar enemies! The Fantastic Four take on an army of foes during a congressional hearing! The gray Hulk battles the Grey Gargoyle! The Punisher takes aim at Bushwhacker and Doctor Doom – then joins Moon Knight to face Flag-Smasher and Ultimatum! Daredevil fights outside his weight class against Ultron while Power Pack grapples with Typhoid Mary! And Hobgoblin, the Enchantress and Arkon spell trouble for Doctor Strange! Luckily, Damage Control is around to pick up the pieces!

Collecting stories from the 60s through the 80s!

Absolute Carnage Omnibus by Donny Cates

Lethal killer Cletus Kasady casts his symbiotic tendrils across the Marvel Universe in the blockbuster epic ABSOLUTE CARNAGE! The psychopathic Carnage is targeting everyone who has ever worn a symbiote – and that’s a lot of potential victims, even for him! Naturally, Kasady’s new reign of terror spells misery for Spider-Man and Venom – but the devastation is felt by Miles Morales, the Avengers, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, the Immortal Hulk and more! But what is Kasady’s horrific endgame? Experience a new level of crazy as Carnage runs wild!

If you’ve been interested in the Absolute Carnage event, but missed the beginning/were waiting for the bind up like I was, now’s your chance to get it!

And that’s everything coming out this week! What’s on everyone’s pull list?

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