Ironheart Character Profile

I recently discovered RiRi Williams and Ironheart and really wanted to show my love for her, so here’s a character profile on her!

Name: RiRi Williams

Superhero Name: Ironheart

Created By: Brian Michael Bendis and Eve Ewing

Ironheart 2020 cover by Woo-Chul Li

Played By: She has been voiced by Sophia Wylie in Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron and the Spider-Man episode ‘Amazing Friends.’ There currently is no actress attached to playing her in the live action MCU.

Powers: Certified genius, Iron Man-esque armour

Mini Bio: RiRi is a 15 year old girl who grew up with her mother and her aunt in Chicago. After getting into M.I.T., RiRi designed her own Iron Man armour in secret, using materials stolen from the campus. When campus security came knocking, she escaped while wearing the armour, so to not get into trouble.

While wearing the armour, she discovers two inmates trying to escape from prison, and stops them from doing so, which gains Tony Stark’s, the original inventor of the Iron Man armour, attention. He goes to talk to her, and decides to endorse her and her use of the armour.

First Comic Appearance: Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 (May 2016)

Most Common Team Ups: Champions

Comic Recommendations: Invincible Iron Man, Ironheart: Those With Courage, Iron man 2020, Champions (2019)


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